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Ceramic glass cooktops

A glass ceramic cooktop is practical and easy to clean, so you can rest easy when it comes to those inevitable food splatters. Some of our ceramic cooktops have expandable cooking zones that can adapt to the size of your cookware. Browse our range to find the cooktop that’s right for you!

Update your kitchen with a modern ceramic glass cooktop

Looking to replace your existing cooktop or maybe add a second stove to a busy kitchen? Either way, IKEA has you covered with affordable ceramic cooktops that fit the needs of any home chef.

Choose a more affordable and eco-friendly option in kitchen cooktops

Glass cooktops offer a practical, easy-to-clean option that is more energy efficient than gas cooktops since heat transfers directly from tempered ceramic glass to your cookware. Glass cooktops also produce less indoor air pollutants. Pots and pans can be moved around between the different heating zones with ease and cleanups are a cinch as you only have one smooth service to wipe up. And ceramic glass cooktops come at a price that is easier to fit into any budget. Our ceramic cooktops are a smart option that takes up less space than range (stovetop and oven) additions and can easily be installed within your countertops by professionals.

How smart of an addition are they? Well, besides the fact that one of the heating elements serves as an expandable cooking zone, our glass cooktops come with a heat indicator that shows you when the cooking surface has cooled. Once cooled, wipe the surface right away to prevent any spills or splashes from hardening to the surface. Want more options in kitchen cooktops? Go with our energy efficient induction cooktops.

Add some sleek style to your kitchen

With front or side placed knobs and cooking surfaces outlined in minimalist white circles on a lustrous, black background, our ceramic cooktops may bring to mind a set of DJ turntables. Whether you’re looking to match the stylish, modern look of other appliances or to remix the look of a traditional kitchen, the glossy sheen of our glass cooktops will be a standout addition to any kitchen.

Find a smooth addition that will complete any kitchen

Our glass cooktops meet the needs of any home chef by snugly fitting atop most countertops after installation. After measuring your available counter space, choose a cooktop with either four or five cook surfaces, each cooktop coming with one expandable cooking area. And match our glass cooktops with the right cookware to keep things looking smooth and pristine. Besides choosing flat cookware for better heat transfer, the type of materials used and their weight are key considerations. The rough texture of ceramic pans can scratch a glass cooktop while cast iron pans are simply too heavy. Ideal options are stainless steal pans with aluminum or copper bottoms or any flat, aluminum or copper bottom pan. Pro-tip: Overheated copper bottom and stainless steel pans can leave a permanent, staining residue on glass cooktops. Avoid this by not letting these pans run dry at high heat.

Breathe easy with your new glass cooktop

While a glass ceramic cooktop gives off less heat than a gas cooktop, you may want to install a range hood if you don’t already have one in place. If you don’t have ductwork to attach a new range hood to, an easy solution is to go with a ductless range hood that uses charcoal filters and a suction fan to trap grease, odors, and debris while recirculating air.