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Pillow inserts

Love changing up the look of your throw pillows often, but don’t have the budget or space for a pile of pillows? Our quality pillow inserts are the perfect solution. Just like a bed pillow, throw pillow inserts are designed to be used with one of our throw pillow covers. The covers can be easily removed to be washed or changed, allowing you to use the same pillow inserts while switching up the style. Simply choose the size and material pillow insert you like best, and enjoy dressing it up!

Pillow inserts are a more sustainable solution

We understand the impulse to buy every charming throw pillow that catches your eye—we’re decor-loving humans, too! But the reality is that even if you have the storage and budget to do so, all those pillows have a real impact on the planet. 

Chances are good that you don’t actually want to change the pillows themselves, rather opt for a new color, fabric or pattern to rejuvenate your space. Throw pillow and cushion inserts make an ideal solution. Simply choose the size and shape you like best, or begin narrowing your options by material if that’s the most important factor. Once you have the inserts decided on, you can begin building their ‘wardrobe’ from our extensive selection of throw pillow covers. 

Cushion inserts are a smart choice for small spaces

In addition to being a more economical and sustainable alternative to buying a mountain of different throw pillows, inserts also help you save oh-so-precious space. With pillow and cushion inserts, you can buy covers for every season, holiday and mood because they can be easily folded and stacked for storage. 

Save yourself from scrambling through boxes in the basement trying to find your holiday throw pillows before the season has passed, and hoping they don’t smell musty when you do find them. With our plush pillow inserts, you can save space, money and hassle, and spend more time cuddling up with your favorite pillow on the sofa!