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Bathroom trash cans

Say hello to our bathroom bins that are pretty enough to be displayed! These hardworking trash bins come in different sizes - from tiny ones that can fit in the tightest of corners to large and roomy ones. Many have pedals and removable inner buckets to keep things tidy.

A stylish bathroom trash can

Bathroom trash cans are handy for things that can't go down the toilet, like tissues, makeup wipes, and other things you use every day. It's important to throw away trash properly to keep yourself and the environment healthy, and to prevent your drains from getting blocked.

Our collection of small trash cans come in a variety of styles and materials to match your bathroom's style. Whether you prefer a sleek stainless-steel small lid trash can or a discreet plastic one, there's an option for everyone. You can even find a bathroom trash can with lid and pedal for hands-free use, which makes them even more hygienic. Plus, they come in different sizes to fit whatever space you have available. With a small trash can, you can easily keep your space tidy and organized, creating a visually appealing and practical environment.

A practical small trash can with lid

Having a tidy bathroom isn't just for looks - it's also about being practical. Bathroom trash cans play a big role in keeping things neat and tidy. By having a specific place for garbage, you can avoid having random junk piling up on your counters or on the floor and stop germs from spreading all over the place. This helps create a clean bathroom that makes your everyday routine easier and more enjoyable.

What is the best bathroom trash can for you?

If you just need a bin for holding trash, you can hide it in a corner or inside a bathroom vanity. But if you want something more stylish that looks nice in your bathroom, you can put it in a more visible spot, like near the sink. To keep any bad smells at bay, get a lidded bathroom trash can that closes tightly on its own. A pedestal bin with a tight seal is also a good choice. Also, picking a smaller trash can will make you empty it every day and stop any stinky garbage from piling up. 

Even though people don't usually think about it, bins are important in a bathroom. They help keep things clean, make it easy to throw things away properly and help keep everything organized. So, pick a good bathroom trash can and see how much it improves your daily routine!