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TISKEN Hook with suction cup, white
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TISKEN Hook with suction cup, white

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TISKEN series puts things within easy reach without having to drill any holes into your walls. The tight-grip suction cups won’t let go of smooth surfaces like glass or tiles – unless you want them to.

Article Number703.812.75

Product details

One push assembly - clean the wall surface and push to attach. No tools are needed.

To release and remove, insert a credit card (or similar) between the suction cup and the wall. No ugly holes or marks are left behind.

The suction cups have a tight grip on smooth surfaces like glass or tiles.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Only sticks on flat surfaces such as glass, mirrors, and tiles.

    Clean the surface before mounting the suction cup to ensure better grip.

    Each hook holds up to 6 lbs. 9 oz.

    Combines with other products in TISKEN series.

  • Material
    Frame/ Plate:
    Polycarbonate plastic
    Suction cup:
    Synthetic rubber
    Cover/ Body:
    ABS plastic
    Recycled ABS plastic

    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • Do not attach to bathroom wallpaper or any other type of wallpaper since the product can damage the material.


Length: 4 "

Width: 2 "

Height: 2 "

Maximum load/hook: 7 lb

Package quantity: 2 pack

  • TISKENArticle Number703.812.75

    Width: 4 "

    Height: 1 ¾ "

    Length: 4 ¼ "

    Weight: 4 oz

    Package(s): 1


Great suction holdersGraziaUse them in my bathroom where one wall is all mirrors. Needed an extra spot for hand towel, these did the trick. They stick to the mirror without damage and hold up hand towels great.5
TISKENElizabethThe best hooks for your shower trinkets 5
hooksWinfieldAgain, nice idea. Didn't stick to the wall very well.2
Great BuyVanesaWe took a chance and we love ours. We ended up coming back and buying another set for the other bathrooms.5
Some people are moronsRenataThese stick for weeks to months on end. Must be, mirror and SMOOTH TILE, not wavy or textured or small tiles. Who would ever think these would stick to stone or travertine? Do people live under rocks? Since you played with suction darts as a kid you realize suction cups stick to SMOOTH surfaces...Come on soccer moms...You know you had those baby on board signs...same thing!5
love TiskenPannapaStrong quality and convenien for small space5
Best removable hooks that actually stay put!AllisonThese are the best shower hooks. They don’t keep falling off like most suction hooks.5
Great productAndraEasy to install. Stylish. Matches shower wall. Sturdy. Works perfect for what I needed.4
TerrifyingAlecI bought these to use in my tub & shower area last year. I tried all the advice I'd seen in here, no dice. Within hours or days they would inevitably fall, always at unexpected times and usually while sleeping, clattering loudly around in the tub in the process. I can at least vouch for the fact that you can't use them on natural stone tile. Great gift for someone you hate.5
Didn’t stickEricaThese didn’t work they fell and wasn’t able to get it to stay.1
Mixed successBethI bought several versions toothbrush holder, individual hooks, soap holder and basket. The soap holder and the basket are great. The toothbrush holder and the individual hooks have yet to stick longer than 30 minutes- and that is with nothing in/on them. All surfaces prepared exactly the same way. All stuck up within 20 minutes of each other.3
Shower HooksJessicaGreat quality a little bulky but suction cups work great and don’t fall5
Very handy.KennethVery useful and easy to use.5
Sticks like a pro!ReneeI bought the tisken corner shelf, and both suction cups work amazingly!5
String enough for my bathroomJoseString enough for my bathroom sponges.5
falls offRupaliNot a good product. It doesn't stay for long. Falls off. I bought because of the appearance and price but not worth it.1
Using in the shower toSandraUsing in the shower to hang swim suit5
Shower HooksDaryleSuction cups are great & hold well, but hooks are plenty large, not everything hangs on them. Make them smaller.4
Great suctionJudithI replaced the old suction cups on the bathroom basket s from a few years ago. Absolutely love them5
Great productAgustinaGreat product5
TISKEN Hook with suction cup, white

Better grip for flexible storage

The movable suction cup is a smart wall mount for flexible bathroom storage. The only problem is that it can come off after a while. Suddenly you hear a thump in the bathroom, and the shampoo bottle is on the floor. So, how do you make the suction cup attach better? Product developer Kristofer Adsegård and his colleagues – responsible for TISKEN bathroom series – wanted to find out.

Kristofer and the team started by studying in detail how a suction cup works. “It attaches because there’s a vacuum between the suction cup and the surface. But, if air comes in, the vacuum breaks and plop – your hanger comes off. It can be something small, like dirt and limescale on the wall, or tiny irregularities on the tile that eventually let air in,” says Kristofer.

Rubber that seals tight

The team found the solution in a synthetic rubber that proved to be better at attaching to different surfaces and filling out any unevenness so that air can’t get in. “We tried the suction cups with the new material, both in a test lab and in peoples homes, to make sure that a stable vacuum is created and that the suction cups stay where you want them.”

The suction cup becomes like new again

To make your TISKEN bathroom series last longer, it’s important to handle the suction cups right. Kristofer explains that you shouldn’t pull the hook or other parts to make them come off, since it can damage the grip. “To release the vacuum, it’s better to use your bank card, or some other plastic card, between the suction cup and the wall. And, if you put the suction cup in water near boiling point for a few minutes, and then air dry it, it will become almost like new again.”


Bathrooms can get wet…very wet!

We know how important it is to design the right furniture for different types of bathrooms. That’s why many of our bathroom storage units and accessories are made of plastic – perfectly suited for shower/bath spaces. Choose from VESKEN, STUGVIK and BOLMEN series for a functional bathroom with extra storage – where you can bathe, shower and splash as much as you like, without worrying about exposing your furniture to too much water.

Function solution

Better grip for flexible storage

Why do suction cups come off the wall after a while? That fact made us so frustrated that we detail studied the vacuum technique. We noticed that barely visible dirt or limescale breaks the vacuum seal, even on smooth tile walls. So, for TISKEN bathroom series we looked for a new rubber material that seals better and fills out small uneven spots on the wall. Now you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night from the sound of the shampoo bottle thumping on the floor.