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Chests of drawers

A chest of drawers that fits your style, your clothes and your space. Whether you need a white chest of drawers for a monochrome look or you're looking to add a pop of colour to your room, we have something to suit. We also offer range styles of wardrobes, bedside tables, clothes stands & shoe racks to suit all your storage needs.

Complete your dresser. Look flawless with our range of mirrors and table lamps.

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More optionsHAUGA Chest of 6 drawers 138x84 cm

HAUGA Chest of 6 drawers, beige, 138x84 cm

More optionsKULLEN Chest of 6 drawers 140x72 cm

KULLEN Chest of 6 drawers, black-brown, 140x72 cm

More optionsKULLEN Chest of 5 drawers 70x112 cm

KULLEN Chest of 5 drawers, black-brown, 70x112 cm

More optionsKOPPANG Chest of 6 drawers 172x83 cm

KOPPANG Chest of 6 drawers, white, 172x83 cm

More optionsHAUGA Chest of 3 drawers 70x84 cm

HAUGA Chest of 3 drawers, beige, 70x84 cm

More optionsMUSKEN Chest of 4 drawers 118x65 cm

MUSKEN Chest of 4 drawers, white, 118x65 cm

More optionsKOPPANG Chest of 5 drawers 90x114 cm

KOPPANG Chest of 5 drawers, black-brown, 90x114 cm

More optionsKOPPANG Chest of 3 drawers 90x83 cm

KOPPANG Chest of 3 drawers, black-brown, 90x83 cm

More optionsSONGESAND Chest of 6 drawers 82x126 cm

SONGESAND Chest of 6 drawers, brown, 82x126 cm

More optionsHAUGA Chest of 3 drawers with shelf 70x116 cm

HAUGA Chest of 3 drawers with shelf, beige, 70x116 cm

More optionsSONGESAND Chest of 4 drawers 82x104 cm

SONGESAND Chest of 4 drawers, brown, 82x104 cm
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Organise your home with a dresser of your choice. Keep your clothes, items, trinkets and other belongings stored stylishly in one of our practical chests of drawers. 

In our wide selection of dressers, you can find one for any room, any space and any need. Wide and low? High and narrow? Many small drawers or a few big ones? In wood, plastic or metal? Our dressers offer practical storage and stylish décor, whether you prefer something small and discrete in your hallway or something that pops in your living room.

Get your things organised with a chest of drawers

Dressers or storage drawers can help you keep your things organised, easy to find and easy to access. Depending on your storage needs, you can choose between dresser of two up to ten drawers. Or maybe you'd prefer a modular chest of drawers that can be assembled with as many drawer units as needed.

For multi-purpose dressers you might want even more organisation options, especially if you find your things sliding around inside the drawers. Have a look at our clever boxes to expand your storage options. Also, check out our dresser with multiple drawer options. For example, some dressers have a combination of small and large drawers for diverse storage options in the same piece.

Keep your home safe

Remember to always anchor your dresser or chest of drawers to the wall in your home. A dresser is not normally a dangerous piece of furniture. But they can easily get quite heavy when full.

Having a heavy dresser tip and fall on top of you can be very dangerous. If you have children in your home, they might try to climb the drawers while playing or trying reach something stored on top of the dresser. The best way to prevent a dresser from tipping is to anchor it to the wall.

All our dressers come with enclosed safety fitting so that you can easily anchor it to the wall, preventing injuries caused by tipping.