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Residential furniture and furnishing

We help developers and construction companies to create functional, modern and affordable solutions for complete homes or specific rooms, taking into account every detail. We design all types of projects, large and small, for all types of buildings – from reform and new constructions to pilot apartments. Let's work together to increase the value of your residential unit, be it reforming your home or creating a decoration project.

Searching for ways to furnish and style your residential projects?

Find inspiration in our gallery of residential solutions and products – from complete kitchens to bedroom storages.

See more ideas for your residential projects
See more ideas for your residential projects
A large brightly lit kitchen setting with a white island countertop and black drawers on a light grey wooden flooring.

Cater to the needs of your many customers

From complete kitchens to bedroom storage, bathroom cabinets to lighting – IKEA's products and planning services prove to work for residential homes. Our IKEA for Business team can take this a notch further with you, beyond furniture and home furnishing for residential units.

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