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Ready to get your laundry, kitchen and waste sorted? You'll find everything you need at IKEA, from drying racks and ironing boards, to laundry baskets, dishwashing and cleaning accessories. And lots of options for putting it all together, whether you've got a corner in the bathroom, a part of your kitchen or an entire room to work with.

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Easy organisation for your clothes

Forget about clothes left on the floor. Our MULIG storage series offers the basics you need for sorting, storing and drying your garments – even in the smallest of spaces.

Waste sorting made simple (and stylish)

Our KNODD bins can be used anywhere in your home, even in damp areas like the bathroom. They make it easy to fill up and empty as you can secure the lid on the edge of the bin.

Customise your waste sorting

You can choose the size and number of VARIERA waste sorting bins. Place them under the sink, in a drawer or in a cabinet. Its folding handle keeps bin liners in place and makes it easy to carry. May be completed with UTRUSTA support frames or trays for simple, stable waste sorting.

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