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Home is where it all happens

What matters most are the things we do together. Together with our loved ones, together with our home, together with ourselves. After the longing and craving to be reunited, now’s the time to make your home feel warm. It’s about the touch, the smell, the look and simply the human connection. Digital or not, who cares? Your home will feel warm – like the most desired hug.

Give yourself the gift of a cosy home. At IKEA you can find new ways to connect and engage with loved ones while creating the space for joy, indulgence, creativity and inspiration. ​​With a little magic from IKEA, ​your home can be the place for the holiday. Make Home Count.


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Christmas Collection

Our special seasonal collection that you need for this jolly good holidays.

Add a customise touch to your textiles gift picks with our embroidery service at Tampines & Alexandra stores. Starting from $5 for the first ten letters.

Not sure where to send the trees to after the holidays? Get a $25 voucher when you bring your live IKEA Christmas tree back from recycling!

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Bake with bravery & joy

Baking is as much in the doing as the cooking. And doing it together makes it so much more fun. Create a setting where friends or family can enjoy the experience together. And the joy of baking is that however wrong it goes, you can (almost) never fail. It’ll still taste great.

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