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Gaming furniture

Gaming chairs for optimal performance and maximum style

Whether you need a chair for your gaming station or your study spot, a gaming chair is a fantastic choice. Ergonomic and comfortable, our gaming chairs come in different styles too.

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A purple/black STYRSPEL gaming chair in front of a desk with two monitors and ring lights on top, framed by blue LED light.
A grey/red STYRSPEL gaming chair on top of a round, light-grey plinth that’s in front of a black and white checked wall.
A Bomstad white MATCHSPEL gaming chair standing on a wooden floor with green-blue HANNALENA room darkening curtains behind.
A Bomstad black MATCHSPEL gaming chair in front of an UTESPELARE gaming desk that has two monitors and a keyboard on top.
A Bomstad grey UTESPELARE gaming chair in front of a desk holding two monitors, a ring light and a white NYMÅNE work lamp.
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Perform like the pro gamer you were born to be with the IKEA range of gaming furniture. Experience ergonomic and gamer-friendly furniture such as desks for gaming, gaming chairs and gaming accessories designed to increase performance while also blending into your home.