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Hooks & wall organisation

A small yet stylish hallway

No hallway is too small to leave a big impression. Using contrasts – like here with a white hanger and lamp against a darker wall – not only guides your eye to where the coats go, but also sets an elegant mood in the room.

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The branch-like shape of a wall-mounted, white TJUSIG hanger contrasts against a hallway painted grey.
A coat hangs on a branch-shaped, wall-mounted, white TJUSIG hanger next to a mirror in a corner of a room with grey walls.
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Work wonders with wall organisation

Create a calm and balanced look by putting up some wall shelves with a simple design that will blend in with the rest of your interior. The result is a de-cluttered and more organised space, even when you’ve got lots of stuff.

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Three LACK white wall shelves with a green trailing plant in a plant pot, a white magazine file and various items on top.
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