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Working-from-home wonders

Finding workspace at home can be hard work in itself. You want freedom to focus, but a separate room isn’t an option. Maybe you also need to share your spot with other activities. Luckily, we have great home office set up ideas to make it all work (and still leave some room for play).

The great wall of getting things done

Looking for an easy way to stretch your room? Place your sofa out from the wall. The resulting sliver of space makes it possible to use the entire wall, and creates space to be used for work, hobbies and play. A table on castors adds speed to flexibility. By the wall it’s a desk, where shelves and storage neatly hold all you need to get stuff done. (If you want to add a surface for parallel activities, an IVAR foldable table makes a great crafting corner.) To transform for fun, roll out the table to open up the area, revealing a bench. Just pull up some extra stools for a friend-filled fika or game night.

Your personal talk-in wardrobe

Tuck your workspace inside a wardrobe! Open the doors in the morning and you’re open for business. A standing support is a good way to keep your posture in check as it keeps your body in an active position.

Close the doors when you leave

With the right interior, you can fit an amazing amount of functionality in a super small footprint. And when you’re done with your workday, simply close the doors – and be home.

The workspace floating in space

Using shallow, wall-hung surfaces and shelves means that you can fit in a work-from-home set up wherever you have a stretch of open wall space. It’s also ideal for corners and short walls that can be hard to use otherwise. Pull up a chair and you’re ready to go.

Working from home requires you to share space with everyone. Shift between activities by choosing a spot where you can have your things nearby that’s easy to pull out and hideaway.

Kristina Pospelova, interior designer at IKEA

Go stand in the corner

A standing desk may not be your preferred choice, but giving it a try won’t hurt (and you can always use a bar stool). Find a high-top table and you’re set. If you need to timeshare with kitchen helpers, collect your stuff on a trolley for easy on-and-off.

Workflow in the midst of family flow

Sometimes the best way to get busy is to find the busiest spot of the home. A gateleg table lets you tailor the work surface in seconds – depending both on activity and what goes on around you. When you’re done with work, it fits neatly in the drawers.

The busy bee under the stairs

Otherwise, unused spaces – an awkward architectural feature or the odd nook under the stairs – can become a personal space for working, studying or crafting. Besides adding a cozy dimension to work, it creates an attractive focal point for the whole room.