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ISTAD – A pioneering goody bag

Can 1.4 billion re-sealable plastic bags make a difference?

We hope so, as we proudly present our first ever large-scale plastic product based on renewable material. It’s the all-round plastic bag ISTAD that is now made mostly (85%) of a renewable material from the sugar cane industry. The shift is expected to save around 75 000 barrels of oil yearly, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

And, although plastic based on renewable material costs more to produce than conventional plastic, it won’t show on the price tag. At IKEA we believe that everyone, not just a few, should be able to afford making sustainable choices.

It’s mind-blowing to see how we use everything from the sugarcanes, there is no waste

Minh Nguyen HoangCategory Manager Plastic Products, IKEA of Sweden

Being made from sugarcanes, the plastic made from renewable material in ISTAD is both renewable and recyclable.

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