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Why we sell second–hand furniture

We all need to consider how the choices we make impact the planet. When improving our homes, we can ask ourselves if furniture we don’t need could be given a second life. Our Buy back and resell service is one way we’re making it more affordable to live more sustainably.

A person in jeans and a floral shirt carrying a light grey-green wooden chair up a flight of stairs into a brightly lit room.

Working hard to become a circular business by 2030

One key part in achieving this goal is to create and offer products that are designed to be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold, or – as the last resort – recycled, generating as little waste as possible.

    IVAR shelving unit with the bottom two doors open revealing household items such as magazine files, boxes, and headphones.

    32 million products were resold in our circular hubs and 10 million were repacked and sold in other areas.

    IKEA Cheras Circular Shop