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Thai restaurant

This Thai restaurant in Bangkok came to us for an efficient-space solution that inspires and promotes sustainable living to its customers. At IKEA, we have loads of products and solutions to make your business more sustainable.

Keep everything in place and handy

Every restaurant kitchen needs a smart wall storage so that the chef can keep the most-used items at eye-level. Plus, more space on the counter!

Take a grab-and-go

Use this space-saving table to get your order out for grab-and-go or food delivery. You can also add hooks on the ladders for more storages.

An inviting seating area

Complete the dining table with the lightweight yet sturdy chairs that add a warm wood expression. During peak hours, add the stackable stools for extra seatings.

Easy for recycling

Waste sorting is a great and easy start! Use storage to sort different types waste. Our SORTERA bins make it super easy to open even when stacked.

Handy storage for extra utensils

When the restaurant gets busy, this trolley will be your life saver. Place the extra cutleries on it and it’s ready to be moved around.

Thinking of refreshing your business space?

IKEA for Business is here for you. We can help you plan according to your needs, style and budget to realise your dream business space.

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