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Rental kitchen rescue project

Limited budget? Limiting landlord? Whatever the reason, cooking up a new kitchen from scratch isn’t always on the cards – but don’t let that stop you from thinking big and making the space work for you. From a basic, all-white rental to culinary dream, this kitchen’s dramatic makeover shows what a good lick of paint (plus a few other tricks) can do.


Just swapping the colour on the walls, and you can hardly believe you’re in the same kitchen. The dark, chocolate tones make this apartment feel more cosy – with a rich, suede finish that turns up the texture. Stuck on a shade? Get a few small sample pots to see which suits your kitchen, and its light, best.


You can also paint your cabinet fronts – or switch them out for new ones altogether. Either way, it’ll be a lot less expensive and resource-intensive than removing the cabinets already in your kitchen. White to black makes for one bold before-and-after in this space, with bevelled edges for a touch of traditional.


Now that the bigger things are out of the way, it’s time to zoom in on the details: the smaller things that’ll really help tie everything together. Taps, lighting, handles and appliances – all in black – are the key ingredients that move this kitchen’s makeover one step forward.


You can't always change your kitchen's pantry capacity, but you can add more storage in other ways: shelves, trolleys, hooks, rails, you name it! In the nearby dining area, a cabinet holds all the glassware and crockery, while carrying through the colours of the kitchen.

Season to taste

Think of this step as the metaphorical sprig of parsley. Wrapped up with utensils, accessories, small appliances and dinnerware (that let everyone know you’re one serious food lover), this not-quite-but-almost new kitchen is finally complete. Enjoy!

Curious to see more of this home and its before-and-after transformation? Here's a complete house tour for you to enjoy: