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Gaming furniture

Welcome to the driver’s seat

3, 2, 1, go! Get the most out of each gaming session with the new LĂ…NESPELARE series. The microphone arm, headset stand and mug holder allow you to focus on your game without any interference from the real world.

An anthracite LĂ…NESPELARE microphone arm, cocked at a near-right angle, fitted onto a pedestal with a screw mounting.
Headphones on a LĂ…NESPELARE ash-veneer headset stand and a LĂ…NESPELARE mug and mug holder placed on side-by-side pedestals.

Make yourself comfortable in this world, and the next, and the next

When gaming is your passion, it’s a good idea to come prepared. No matter what level you’re on, IKEA has the gaming chair for you. Whether you want a centrepiece or simply to add to the style of your room, it will have your back through the roughest of sessions. Game on, indeed.

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A light grey MATCHSPEL gaming chair stands at an UTESPELARE gaming desk in a room with a TIDTABELL rug on the floor.
A pastel room with a gaming corner centred around a light-grey UTESPELARE gaming desk and a grey UTESPELARE gaming chair.
A black HUVUDSPELARE gaming desk and gaming chair combination placed in a wood-floor room with green accents.
A dim, neon-lit room with a headset-wearing person in a purple-and-black STYRSPEL gaming chair, arms raised in celebration.
A grey-and-red STYRSPEL gaming chair in front of lit screens on a desk in a room lit up with a soft red glow.
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Nothing is better than a good video game adventure as a way to destress during your free time. Having an ideal space to comfortably immerse yourself in your favourite video game for hours on end at home — that’s exactly what you need. In case you missed it, IKEA has a wide range of quality products that can help you build your dream gaming space in your cosy abode.

At IKEA, we offer you a wide selection of gaming furniture with excellent features and functionality to fit your gaming performance. With our set of gaming furniture, you can create a station at home that accommodates all your playtime and adventure so you can have fun in comfort. Our gaming furniture is made with sturdy materials, have long-lasting quality and ergonomic features to make you comfortable at all times and make your gaming dreams come true.

One of the most essential gaming furniture that your winning station needs to have is a gaming desk. Unlike regular office desks, a gaming table is spacious enough to fit multiple gaming appliances that you have, such as extra monitors, computer stands, and more. Our gaming tables are also customisable so you can have an optimum gaming experience with your device – with adjustable heights, you can have perfect reach and visibility as you play your favourite video games. Gaming desks also have reclining surfaces so you can place your hands comfortably when you play, primarily when you use a keyboard or a tablet.

Aside from gaming desks, we also have other types of gaming furniture to complement your play station. We have a range of high-end gaming chairs with ergonomic and durable designs to transform your gameplay. Aside from functionality, our gaming chairs are beautiful too –  they’ll make a great addition to your gaming table and the rest of your home.

Complete your gaming area by complementing it with other nifty additions. To improve storage and organisation in your game station, check out our range of pegboard and CPU stands so you can keep your play area well organised at all times. We also have accessories like mug holders that you can add to your gaming table – reach for a cup nearby whenever you need a shot of coffee during your gameplay. We also have neck pillows to maximise your comfort while playing and ring light with phone holders that can be useful whenever you need to stream or record your gaming sessions.

Whatever you need, IKEA will have you covered. Get our products now to upgrade your gaming experience to the next level.