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Start small, start here

We want to empower people to live more sustainably, so we’re focusing on affordable, resource and energy efficient products. With great deals on dozens of sustainability-minded products, we’re paving the way for more sustainable homes for the many.

Read each product's sustainability story below and head on to IKEA Family site to see what we offer in-stores!

Sustainable furniture

The ever-so-popular EKTORP is loved for many reasons. Its seat cushions are filled with high resilience foam and polyester fibre wadding give comfortable support for your body, and easily regain their shape when you get up. While the covers are made from durable polyester. Polyester can be recycled multiple times, reducing our environmental footprint. And by using recycled polyester in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact while existing materials get new life.

Sustainable cooking & dining

From slicing delicate parsley leaves to chopping carrots, our APTITLIG chopping board is made of fast-growing, long-lasting bamboo – a renewable material that offers a highly durable, nick-resistance surface. 

You can easily turn the chopping board and use both sides when you prepare food, so it lasts long. You can also use the chopping board as a serving tray for food such as cheese or cold cuts.

Sustainable sleeping

The comfort zones of our VÅGSTRANDA mattresses are simply zones that support your body in different ways to keep your spine aligned and create a good a sleeping position. Slightly softer springs around the hip and shoulder, so they can sink softly into the mattress. And slightly firmer springs where, on the contrary, support is needed – such as for the legs and ankles. The overall effect is that your body does not have to work to find a comfortable position. Just relax and sleep well.

Sustainable storing & organising

Are you curious about how your waste can become new resources? HÅLLBAR bins help you sort different materials into different bins – a simple action and the first step towards giving waste a new life.

Not only that, HÅLLBAR bins are also made of polypropylene plastic (PP) which is a durable, hygienic and shatter-resistant plastic. PP can be reused and recycled, which reduces waste and gives the product several lives through use and reuse.

Sustainable textiles

Our HILLEBORG curtains are made from 118 recycled 0.5l PET bottles. When using them, you get to enjoy exactly the same quality and function as with virgin polyester products. And naturally, they’re just as clean and safe in every way. And perhaps the very best part – you contribute to using less new raw materials and bringing us one step closer to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable children's products

PLUFSIG is part of a play collection that aims to inspire children to play more actively at home. PLUFSIG is light and easy to move around for use in any room, enabling physical play no matter the access to space and to the outdoors.

And worry not parents, we know that children are extra sensitive. This product has been tested and contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your child's skin or health.

Sustainable lighting & decorating

LAUTERS's lampshade is made from recycled PET bottles and its solid wood base is made from more sustainable sources. At IKEA, we work with strict industry standards to promote responsible forestry. We don’t allow any wood in our supply chain from forest areas that are illegal or contain high conservation values or from forest areas with social conflict.

We are on a journey to improve global forest management and make responsible wood sourcing the industry standard, contributing to building resilient forest landscapes and improve biodiversity.