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Christmas 2023 is coming soon!

VINTERFINT large carrier bag filled with christmas gifts and wrapping papers.

More is always more this Christmas at IKEA. Get to know the seasonal VINTERFINT collection and STRÅLA holiday lighting – they’re sure to make your home feel merry and match your personal style.

Also, check out everything you may need for Christmas:
Christmas Decoration & Refresh | Gifting & Accessories| Cleaning & Organisation| Cooking & Baking | Hosting & Entertaining

Fill your home with Christmas cheer

More ways to bring Christmas cheer to your home. Shop the seasonal Christmas collection today.

Light up the festive mood

Spread the holiday cheer to all your favourite spaces throughout your home with our STRÅLA. It’s decorative, festive and easy to hang. You can also explore our light decorations to capture all the magic and joy of this wonderful season.

See all STRÅLA holiday lights
A STRÅLA LED wreath hangs on the wall. A STRÅLA LED table decoration in the shape of houses are placed on the table.
A STRÅLA star-shaped lampshade hangs in a window with VINTERFINT hanging decorations. A STRÅLA LED garland frames the window.
See all STRÅLA holiday lights

Who said it's too early?

It's never too early to start decorating and refreshing your home for Christmas. 

Shop Christmas decor & refresh
VINTERFINT 2022 christmas goat figures placed on the table. One goat is in blue and another in white with scandinavian patterns.
A VINTERFINT 2022 deco wreath with red and green baubles is hung on a wall.
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Embrace your inner Santa

Find heartwarming and fun gifts, and present them with our Scandinavian-styled wrapping papers and bags.

Shop gifting & accessories
An asssortment of VINTERFINT 2022 gift wrappers, including one with Santa Claus patterns.
ENEBY portable bluetooth speaker
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A clean house is a happy house

Don't let cleaning and organisation take up too much time. Our furnishing solutions help you end the year on a clean note!

Shop cleaning & organisation
PEPPRIG microfiber cloths in green, pink and yellow are placed in a cleaning basket.
LEKMAN boxes are placed neatly in a yellow frame. Each box is woven with a different initial.
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Here's to more good food and conversations in real life.

Our accessories make sure you are in tip-top condition for cooking and baking, so that you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Shop cooking & baking
VINTERFINT 2022 baking cups with heart patterns are placed on a baking tray. VINTERFINT 2022 spatulas are placed beside the baking cups.
A VINTERFINT 2022 jar and a cup fille with red juice is placed on a VINTERFINT 2022 red tray.
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The best gift is more time together.

Hosting and entertaining can be cosy and fun, with a few easy additions from our recommendations.

Shop hosting & entertaining
On a dining table, a VINTERFINT serving tray is filled with cupcakes. A VINTERFINT jug and bowl is placed beside the serving tray.
A VINTERFINT 2022 red glass bottle filled with water is placed beside glasses near a high table by the window.
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