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Home storage and organisation tips & essentials

An organised home, made affordable. Everyone needs living space that keeps up with their lifestyle, and when you’re short on room, your furniture needs to work even harder. Find out how to make the most of each space in your home.

Focus on sleep with bedroom organisation

Give your bedroom a clutter detox and make it a space where you can rest and recharge. Even small changes can give you an energising boost.

Minimise distractions around your bed to put the focus on sleep and customise your storage as a great way to ensure everything has its place.

PAX dream wardrobe solution

Do you dream of a beautiful wardrobe for your bedroom? Here´s the solution for you! With the PAX wardrobe solution, personalise and customise based on your available space and requirements.

Did you know you can plan your own PAX wardrobe from the comfort of your home?

    Step-by-step: find your perfect clothes storage system

    Our wardrobes come in a huge range of styles, sizes and configurations. So how do you settle on the ideal clothes storage system for you? Find out some tips to help you narrow your options

    Find out more
    Find out more

    Get organised in the living room

    Creating more space in the living room by decluttering? Pick and choose from our smart storage solutions for the living room. Ranging from customisable options to different colours and finishings, its simple and easy to create storage opportunities and get organised.

    BESTĂ… modular storage solution

    The BESTĂ… storage solution has evolved into a multi-purpose solution across the living room. Its modularity means you have a free hand in customising it for a clean and modern entertainment center, or as a cabinet to display all your favorite things.

    Build your very own BESTĂ…

    Every home has its own shape and corners, so we designed BESTÅ to do the same. Choose pre-designed combinations or plan your very own. Take to the walls if you have to! 

    Choose your favourite doors and parts

    With a wide variety of doors, drawers and shelves that adjust to any need, BESTĂ… fits all your storage requirements. Match your BESTĂ… to your style and space.

    Built to sort out the mess 

    The BESTĂ… TV benches come with cable outlets at the back to keep your space clear of wires and accumulation of dust. Let your cables run down smoothly and out of the way.

    VIHALS combination storage solution

    Goodbye mess, hello neat! VIHALS series’ functional asymmetry lets you optimise your storage no matter the shape of your things, and its cohesive look connects the rooms throughout your home with a mix of drawers and shelves.

    Discover VIHALS
    VIHALS coffee table with wheels and bedisde table with wheels and storage compartment in living room area.
    VIHALS sideboard storage cupboard and bookcase shelving rack inext to dining room area with decorative items on top.
    Discover VIHALS

    More ideas for TV and storage?

    Make the most of your TV with a TV stand strong and stylish enough to hold it (or accent it, if yours is on the wall). We have plenty to choose from, which may be easier than deciding what to watch.

    See all TV benches

    BILLY bookcase and shelving storage

    Once upon a time, a little bookcase became a beloved classic around the world. And, like most things small, it grew. BILLY is a modern bookcase, now more customisable and used in many more ways than just for books. BILLY can be as small and humble, or as big and proud as you want it to be.

    Everything that makes BILLY special

    Learn more about what everyone loves about this shelving series.

    Adjustable shelves for easy storage of items that are odd shaped.
    Wrapped edges prevent peeling after long term usage.
    The back panel fixes in place with snap fittings – making BILLY easy to assemble and disassemble.

    KALLAX simple storage shelving 

    Meet the most versatile KALLAX shelf. Watch it transform into a divider for any room, gear up to become a display shelf for your trophies or even dress up with textiles to set up a relaxing corner as a window-side bench.

    Let KALLAX and your creativity take your home display and storage to a whole new level.

    Choose your favourite frame

    Pick a size and colour to start personalising your own shelving unit. 

    Add inserts and accessories

    From drawers and  doors to storage boxes, everything you need is here.

    Combine and conquer with KALLAX

    Combine two different frames together to get a special layout with space for decoration, or choose the desk combination for a space-smart way to create a small workstation! 

    KALLAX shelving in different heights with plant decorations
    KALLAX and LAGKAPTEN combination as a work space area.

    An organised kitchen at the heart of your home

    When your kitchen is the place everyone wants to be, it helps if it's easy to keep organised. Help things flow more smoothly in the kitchen with modular and personalised kitchen systems.  

    There is a kitchen for every style, space and budget. Get to know our well loved kitchen families now.

    METOD complete kitchen solution

    With the METOD system you have endless possibilities when designing your kitchen. Whether you have a taste for the traditional, love the minimalism in modern style or land somewhere in between, you’ll surely find something that fits you.

    Discover METOD kitchen system
    Discover METOD kitchen system

    METOD kitchens - quality designed to last

    We’ve had over 50 years’ experience developing dream kitchens at affordable prices. We design them to be tough and smart so they can become your favourite room to spend time in for years to come. We are so confident in the quality of our METOD kitchens, we offer you a 25-year guarantee.

    Read more

    Scandinavian, traditional or modern?

    Whichever your choice of style for your kitchen, METOD's customisable door fronts, interiors, handles, appliances and layouts will have just the right fit for you.

    VEDDINGE brings a bright and modern expression to your kitchen - featuring lacquered doors that are smooth, sleek and seamless.
    LERHYTTAN creates a cosy kitchen with rustic charm and a distinct traditional character - featuring solid wood frames with bevelled edges.

    Smart storage in your kitchens

    Create a stress-free environment in your kitchen where everything has a space and can be easily found with METOD's smart storage capabilities. 

    Tricky corners and dead spaces? METOD conquers these problems easily with innovative designs such as the storage carousel for easier access to stored cutleries.
    MAXIMERA drawer is a smooth-running, full-extension drawer with built-in dampers so that it closes slowly, softly and quietly. Customise spacing as you need with adjustable shelves.
    Sturdy frame constructions with 18 mm thickness, door lifts with catch for gentle closings are included.

    Child-friendly storage solutions for the children's room

    They may be small now, but children grow up fast! With storage & organisation that you can adjust as they get older and clothes boxes perfect for everything from clean nappies to sports trophies, they'll see your kids through years to come. 

    At IKEA, every product for our children goes through a long process of testing and is not launched until we are sure that it is safe.

    TROFAST storage for play| SMÅSTAD storage system  | Other children storage ideas

    TROFAST storage for play

    TROFAST toy storage solutions make it easy to find a spot for even the biggest toy collections. By combining the sturdy frames and removable boxes, you can organise your own storage solution.

    Discover TROFAST
    Discover TROFAST
    Convert your TROFAST storage shelf into a comfortable and convenient sitting area for rest time by dressing it up with cushions and chairpads.
    FLISAT table with smart storage fitting with TROFAST storage boxes
    At IKEA, we love to develop products that can be used together in a smart way. That’s why TROFAST storage boxes fit under the lids of the FLISAT table. Your child can keep toys at hand – and clean up in a jiff!

    SMĂ…STAD storage system for children

    Developed based on the child's perspective, the SMĂ…STAD system is storage for growing children.

    Discover SMĂ…STAD
    Discover SMĂ…STAD

    More smart storage ideas for your children's room

    Plan and furnish a room where your child can do lots of things to help them grow and become more self-confident, from creating their own worlds with building blocks to learning to find their clothes and get dressed all by themselves.

    So much more than just a changing table, SMĂ…STAD grows with your child and easily converts into a play table or desk.
    These versatile STUK boxes will bring order to your chaos helping your children to sort toys, clothes and more. Use one or a few in each drawer depending on your needs.
    After a fun day at home there are toys everywhere. This SMÅSTAD bench has space for all of them – simply open the box and put things away. It’s easy for both grown-ups and children to tidy up.

    Storage for everywhere else

    Need extra storage in your home for your bomb shelter storeroom or in your living room and laundry service yard? 

    Explore our other customisable storage series with a wide range to meet your every need. 

    IVAR system | Open storage systems for any space

    IVAR system

    Our IVAR shelving units are old dogs that love new tricks. We’ve been developing them for more than 50 years. They’re one of our favourite customisable shelving systems because they can easily be stylish showstoppers and store magazine files and media boxes. 

    Shop IVAR system
    Shop IVAR system

    Garden and outdoors

    When the sun starts to shine, we move outside to enjoy it. And so does a lot of stuff. That’s why we have storage solutions for everything from tools and toys to plant pots and cushions.

    Turn your balcony into a multi-storey garden with our versatile outdoor shelving units where you can grow, store and show things off outside or inside your own.