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Everyday essentials under RM20

You don't need a big wallet to afford high-quality products that combine good function and design. Here you'll find everyday essentials to complete every room in your home, all under RM20. 


To make cooking easy and fun you need the right cookware and food storage helpers. Find daily essentials here to make preparing meals a breeze.


Tableware is much more than just plates and bowls for serving food. The right tableware not only complements your meal and creates the right mood, it also expresses your personal style.

Storage & organisation

Give your belongings a home. Our various storage solutions are affordable daily essentials that fit every spot at home for an organised space.


Add a personal touch to your space with soft textiles — a rug in your favourite colour or removable sofa covers of various styles. Getting a new look to maximise comfort within an instant is pretty simple.


Small add-ons to personalise a house that suits your taste and style, while making daily routines a little more exciting.

Cleaning & bathroom products

It’s the small things that make a big difference in your everyday cleaning routine. Our cleaning accessories have small but smart ideas, and the best thing is, they are priced under RM20!

Life is not a breeze — we face obstacles daily, big or small. Some hurdles require time, effort and personal grit to overcome, but some problems require just a little innovation to solve. Let’s say you are facing the problem of having limited storage at home and your belongings are forming clutter around the house, and you need a simple and affordable solution. Is forking out money to purchase bulky cabinets that might take up more space an affordable idea? Or just stuff all your items into a place that is not visible to conceal clutter, causing you to face difficulties finding what you need? 

You don’t need a deep pocket to deal with household woes, IKEA has daily essentials to solve them — quick and convenient solutions at a reasonable budget. Turn an empty wall into a functional hallway storage that can hold all your outdoor essentials: coats, bags, shoes, cycling equipment and many more. Utilise wall spaces with a hat and coat rack that could hold boxes and has rails to hang your clothes and equipment, complete the storage system with a multi-tier shoe rack sturdy enough to hold all your shoes and other belongings. Add some green plants to brighten up the shelf if you wish! 

Want to create an organised, concentration-boosting workspace at home? It actually doesn’t take much effort to make minor changes that can turn your home into a focus-friendly space with tiny tweaks and affordable daily essentials. Keep your desk items neat and visible with a desk organiser, as it lets you grab what you need within arm’s reach. If you need to store bigger items, IKEA also offers transparent plastic boxes and felt boxes that can be stored easily in cabinets. 

Do you find it a hassle to rummage through plastic bags and boxes of ingredients with various labels when you are preparing meals? Keep cooking ingredients visible and neatly organised with IKEA’s daily essentials kitchenware: store ingredients in transparent glass food containers so you can pick what you need easily. Keep food fresh for longer in food containers and lid jars, they are great organisation items for your fridge. If you wish to cultivate a greener lifestyle, opt for silicone food covers and water bottles to avoid plastic waste like cling wraps and plastic bottles. 

Small items for great convenience and functionality — find daily essentials from IKEA to complete every room in your home, all under RM20. Shop online or in-store today!