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Style and comfort in a small space

Buying a home in the city of dreams is magical. Managing to create your own dream world in the limited space, however, can get tricky. But don’t let that stop you from thinking big and creating a place to truly call your own. A few handy tricks and you can use the space available to you in the best way possible. 

Style and comfort in a small space

One of the best joys in life is to enjoy a steaming cup of chai in the morning. Or sitting with a loved one for dinner. But a dining table rarely fits in a home with limited space. A simple wall-mounted, drop-down table is the perfect solution. When not needed it simply drops down and stays out of the way. Or it could even be used as a ledge for keeping those beautiful family pictures. If you need it, you can simply latch it into place and use it as a breakfast counter or dining area. 

Why not add a few foldable chairs around this table? Our foldable chairs come with a nifty hole on the backrest, letting you hang them on a hook when they aren’t being used!

Your tots now get their own space

Kids grow at record speed. And with every passing birthday, their needs grow too. Give your little ones a surprise with a bunk bed. They’d be absolutely delighted to have a space they can call their own. Try getting creative with these bunk bed sectionals. Why not add a ledge on the wall next to them? It’ll be the perfect spot for the kids to keep their alarm clocks and toys. 

Psst. Bunk beds aren’t just for siblings. You can remove the lower bunk and create a sort of study nook for your only child. A drop-down table, a comfy study chair, and a cabinet or shelf to house their books - you’ve now got a study area and sleeping area in the same square metre of space!

The recipe for comfy house guests

Entertaining a guest overnight can get tricky in a small living room. But not if you’ve got the right furniture. A convertible, sofa-bed sectional can be used for seating in the day, and transform into a cosy little bed during the night. All you need to do is pull out the bedding and extra pillows from the spacious storage in the underframe.

Creating bathrooms that work

Bathrooms should be areas of rest and relaxation. A small shower space can feel cramped. Where do you put all your shampoos, towels, soaps, and loofahs? The answer is simple. You either arrange them high with the help of a tall unit or you use the walls. The tall units take up very little floor area but give you enough space to arrange all of your toiletries.

A few well-placed hooks on the bathroom walls can work extremely well for hanging towels or bathrobes. Or better yet, hanging baskets full of toiletries.  

Greenery In A Small Space

Getting some greenery in a metropolis can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. There are easy ways you can add an indoor garden to your limited space. No separate backyard or terrace required! Just a hanging pot suspended from your window sill, growing your favourite herb or plant. Or maybe a planter that you hang from the ledge of your balcony or window to give it sufficient sunlight. 

It’s seating….no, it’s storage

Moving into Mumbai with a host of cardboard boxes? The ultimate question is where do you put all your stuff. After your wardrobes are full and shelves stacked, there are still lots of items that are yet to find a home. Extra bedding, blankets, winter clothes, suitcases, and so much more. 

A clever thing to do would be to sit on it. Literally. The seat modules come with ample storage space underneath and can fit all your knick-knacks. And if you want to clear up some more floor area, just push these storage modules under the bed.

Making the most of your balcony

It’s not an impossible task to create a separate laundry room in your limited space house. How about using the balcony? Adding a customisable shelf section will give you enough place to keep all your laundry essentials. The adjustable shelves can hold boxes with laundry detergent, bleach, and other necessary items. Your freshly clean clothes can go on a rail while the wet laundry dries on a rack below. 

A balcony privacy screen should keep your things away from the prying eyes of the neighbours. Bring out the folding chair and you can enjoy having a snack or reading a book out in the open while you wait for your clothes to get clean.