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Waste paper & pedal bins

Sort Your Waste And Recycle It!

Keep your home neat and clean with our waste paper & pedal bins. They are colourful, easy-to-use and we’ve designed them to help your recycling efforts. Place the MJÖSA pedal bin in your bathrooms, use the GIGANTISK touch top bin with a bag to keep your kitchen waste, and use the KNODD in your balconies or backyards to keep the more bulky items like glass bottles. We’ve also got wastepaper bins like the mesh PLEJA for you to throw your tissue papers and old bills. 

Taking out the trash has never been easier

Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms - keep every part of your home clean and neat with our waste paper & pedal bins. Use the colourful MJÖSA pedal bin in your bathrooms. We’ve designed it with a handle that makes it easy to carry and an inner bucket that can be removed, so you can dump the waste out in a jiffy. Pick the GIGANTISK touch top bin for your kitchen, and use it with a garbage bag to sort the vegetables and fruit peels for recycling. Its square shape makes it easy to fit it into a corner. We’ve got waste paper & pedal bins in all sizes. Choose the spacious KNODD bins to dump the bulky stuff like cartons or glass bottles. They are perfect for your balconies and bathrooms too, as they withstand the damp. And if you have a habit of crumpling papers and doing target practice with them, get our PLEJA mesh basket to keep near your study tables or desks. We’ve given it a cork bottom to keep it steady and plastic feet to protect your flooring.

Choosing the correct waste bins

  • Capacity:  Choose a waste bin that is large enough to accommodate the waste generated in your household or office. A too-small bin will overflow, and one that is too large will become hard to carry. If you need to use one large bin to gather all the waste from the bins in the home, choose one that is easy to carry and has a secure lid.
  • Appearance: A waste bin that is used indoors must blend in with the decor. Choose a waste bin that unobtrusively fits into the space chosen for it. A metallic-finished bin will be right at home in a room or kitchen that has metallic accents. You can also select bins to match the colour used in your interiors. 
  • Usage: Use a bin with an inner bucket to hold wet waste. The bucket makes the bin easy to empty and clean. A wire basket will be sufficient for a room where the only waste will be paper. 
  • Pedal: Pedal bins are ideal for applications where you cannot touch the bin to open it. Choose pedal bins that close softly for discreet use. Touch top bins are also handy for one-handed operation.

How many bins?

If you live in a city or town where garbage is segregated and recycled, you will need multiple bins. The number of bins will depend on the number of waste segregation types you need. You will also need smaller bins to place in rooms that generate more waste, such as the kitchen and the study. If your garbage collection is not frequent, you will need larger bins to store the trash until it is collected.

Waste paper bins for offices and studies

In a study or an office, the trash is mostly cardboard and paper. This type of garbage is dry and needs a simple wire basket such as the PLEJA wastepaper basket. Open designs such as the FNISS waste bin are also ideal for offices.

Waste bins in the kitchen

The kitchen generates many types of garbage in the home. They should be segregated into wet and dry garbage. So, a kitchen will need at least two waste bins. If your locality also segregates glass, plastic and metal separately, you will need additional bins for these categories. For hygiene reasons, a pedal bin is the best suited to a kitchen. A pedal bin with an inner bucket is easy to empty and maintain. A bin with a handle is easier to move around. 

Storing garbage for collection

Most towns and cities have a scheduled garbage collection system. Large bins with proper covers keep the garbage contained and the room odour free. The GIGANTISK touch top bin holds a larger volume of waste and is easy to open with a slight push on the lid. It is shaped to use your space effectively and to place more than one bin next to each other easily. 

Storage bin uses

Storage bins are also handy to sort and organise items to be recycled on a shelf or within a drawer. For maximum efficiency, choose bins that are easily stackable and that are easy to open and close. 

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