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Bathroom bins

A garbage bin is an essential in the bathroom

The best way to keep your bathroom neat and tidy is to place a waste bin in it. When you open packaging or discard an item, put it in the bin and keep the counter tidy. Our collection of bathroom bins are good looking so that you do not have to hide them behind the door. Pick a bin for your bathroom that will add to its good looks. 


The main concern when you place a garbage bin in your bathroom is convenience. Our bins look good enough for you to place them with confidence without worrying that they will ruin the look of your bathroom. If you use a lot of makeup wipes or other disposable cosmetic products, you will need a trash can near the bathroom basin and mirror. You can also place the trash can next to the toilet bowl. The dustbin should have enough room for the lid to open easily. Ensure that there is ample room for you to open the dustbin easily. 


Sometimes, floor space in the bathroom is too difficult to find without making compromises. It would be so much easier to mount the bin on the wall. A wall-mounted bin is also easier to use if you have problems bending to use or clean the bin. Pick a wall-mounted bin in a colour that will coordinate with the rest of the room. A wall-mounted bin should be easy to open. A touch top bin should be designed so that the top does not show fingerprints and smudges easily. 


The size of the dustbin should be suitable for your usage. If you generate a lot of waste in the bathroom, pick a larger bin. If space is an issue, you will have to make do with a smaller bin that you empty often. A huge bin in a small bathroom would look out of place. Pick a wall-mountable bin that is slim and install it where it will not get in the way of easy movement. 

Emptying and cleaning

A bin with a handle is easier to lift out of the way when you clean the floor. It is also easy to move to your utility room when it is time to empty and clean the bin. Pick a bin that has an inner bucket so that you do not have to carry the entire bin outside the room for emptying. It is so much easier to wash the inner liner occasionally than it is to wash a whole bin. 


A bin in the bathroom will be exposed to high levels of moisture. Pick a bin that is designed to be used in the bathroom. Pick a bin with a metallic finish or metallic decorative touches to coordinate with the metal tabs and other fittings. 


A pedal bin should be designed with a stable base so that it does not topple over when you operate the pedal. Use appropriate fixing devices to keep your wall-mounted bin secure on the wall.

Waste collection at source is the key to a clean home

A bathroom that has all the essentials in place helps you zip through your morning routine. Instead of looking for a bin in the next room, place a bin in your bathroom for convenience. A bin that coordinates with the rest of the bathroom complements the looks of the room. A touch top bin is easy to operate and keeps its contents hidden. Pedal bins are easy to operate with your foot. Pick a bin that is easy to carry and easy to empty and clean. Use a larger collection bin to hold the garbage until you dispose of it.