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TV benches

Movie night, series premiere, or supporting your favourite football team by gathering your friends for a viewing party, a home theatre can really create the perfect atmosphere for these occasions. Even on days when you just want to binge a sitcom by yourself, an entertainment unit will be your best buddy. Our TV stands have just the design to position your television set in a way that will not just make for a comfortable viewing, but also a stunning interior. From traditional wooden TV benches, to contemporary metal stands with ample space, or sturdy units with glass doors and cabinets, you can choose any companion for your telly from a wide range of TV stands. Additional storage in the form of drawers and racks keeps your electronic gadgets in one place. Lastly, IKEA’s creations are affordable, but with zero compromise on quality. So, browse through our catalogue and find the TV stand that keeps you entertained any time, any day!

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More optionsBESTÅ TV bench with doors 180x42x38 cm (70 7/8x16 1/2x15 ")

BESTÅ TV bench with doors, black-brown/Lappviken light grey/beige, 180x42x38 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors, white stained oak effect/Lappviken white stained oak effect, 180x42x38 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors, black-brown/Selsviken dark olive-green, 180x42x38 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench 180x42x39 cm (70 7/8x16 1/2x15 3/8 ")

BESTÅ TV bench with drawers and door, white/Lappviken light grey/beige, 180x42x39 cmBESTÅ TV bench with drawers and door, white/Bergsviken beige, 180x42x39 cmBESTÅ TV bench with drawers and door, black-brown/Selsviken dark olive-green, 180x42x39 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench 180x40x64 cm (70 7/8x15 3/4x25 1/4 ")

BESTÅ TV bench, white stained oak effect, 180x40x64 cmBESTÅ TV bench, white stained oak effect, 180x40x38 cmBESTÅ TV bench, black-brown, 120x40x38 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench with doors 120x42x48 cm (47 1/4x16 1/2x18 7/8 ")

BESTÅ TV bench with doors, white Lappviken/Stubbarp/light grey/beige, 120x42x48 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors, white stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp white stained oak effect, 120x42x48 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors, black-brown/Lappviken/Stubbarp black-brown, 120x42x48 cm

More optionsLACK TV bench 120x35x36 cm (47 1/4x13 3/4x14 1/8 ")

LACK TV bench, black-brown, 120x35x36 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench with drawers 180x40x74 cm (70 7/8x15 3/4x29 1/8 ")

BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, black-brown Sindvik/Lappviken/Stubbarp light grey/beige, 180x42x74 cmBESTÅ TV bench with drawers, white Sindvik/Lappviken/Stubbarp light grey/beige, 180x42x74 cmBESTÅ TV bench with drawers, black-brown Glassvik/Selsviken/Nannarp black, 180x42x74 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench with doors and drawers 240x42x74 cm (94 1/2x16 1/2x29 1/8 ")

BESTÅ TV bench with doors and drawers, white stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp white stained oak effect, 240x42x74 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors and drawers, white stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp white stained oak effect, 240x42x74 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors and drawers, black-brown Hedeviken/Stubbarp/dark brown stained oak veneer, 240x42x74 cm

More optionsSKRUVBY TV bench 156x38x60 cm (61 3/8x14 3/4x23 5/8 ")

SKRUVBY TV bench, white, 156x38x60 cm

More optionsBRIMNES TV bench 120x41x53 cm (47 1/4x16 1/8x20 7/8 ")

BRIMNES TV bench, white, 120x41x53 cm

More optionsHEMNES TV bench 148x47x57 cm (58 1/4x18 1/2x22 1/2 ")

HEMNES TV bench, light brown, 148x47x57 cmHEMNES TV bench, black-brown/light brown, 148x47x57 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench with doors 120x42x74 cm (47 1/4x16 1/2x29 1/8 ")

BESTÅ TV bench with doors, white stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp white stained oak effect, 120x42x74 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors, white stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp white, 120x42x74 cmBESTÅ TV bench with doors, black-brown Hedeviken/Stubbarp/dark brown stained oak veneer, 120x42x74 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench 180x42x48 cm (70 7/8x16 1/2x18 7/8 ")

BESTÅ TV bench, Lappviken/Sindvik white stained oak eff clear glass, 180x42x48 cmBESTÅ TV bench, white Sindvik/Lappviken/Mejarp light grey/beige, 180x42x48 cmBESTÅ TV bench, black-brown/Selsviken/Nannarp high-gloss/black clear glass, 180x42x48 cm

More optionsLACK TV bench 160x35x36 cm (63x13 3/4x14 1/8 ")

LACK TV bench, black-brown, 160x35x36 cm

More optionsBESTÅ TV bench with drawers 120x42x48 cm (47 1/4x16 1/2x18 7/8 ")

BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, white/Bergsviken/Ösarp beige, 120x42x48 cmBESTÅ TV bench with drawers, white/Lappviken/Stubbarp light grey/beige, 120x42x48 cmBESTÅ TV bench with drawers, black-brown Björköviken/Stubbarp/brown stained oak veneer, 120x42x48 cm
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Why do you really need a TV stand? 


If you’ve shelled out so much money to buy a state-of-the-art television set for your living room, you must be wondering - Is it really necessary to buy a stand for it? The answer is yes. A TV stand is an important piece of furniture that keeps your TV, television accessories, and other media devices intact. After all, if you want your house to have the best electronic gadgets, you need to furnish it in a manner that supports these inventions.

A tv table stand, or a bench, offers a surface wide enough to set up your television box. This surface is built on an exact height that is suitable for your eyesight ie. not too high, nor too high. You don’t have to strain your neck to get the perfect view of your favourite television show. 

A comfortable TV viewing experience demands equally good  sofas and cushions. When you place your couch and living room chairs at an appropriate distance from the tv box, your body posture is always in check. From rom coms to thrillers, Bollywood dramas to soap operas, you can enjoy everything without giving your eyes and ears a bad time. 

Mounted TV or TV rack? What’s better?

An organised room always makes for an attractive room aesthetic. When your furniture is arranged properly, it creates a sense of calm for you. A TV entertainment unit adds a uniform look to your living room. By hiding the wires and media outlets, all that’s visible is the television screen. This is better than having a cluster of wires dangling in the corner as you catch up on the latest sitcom.  

What’s more is that when you place your TV on a stand instead of mounting it on the wall, you can move it anytime. If you’re bored of watching the TV in your living room and wish to install it in your bedroom, where you can watch it in a more relaxed manner, you can do so very easily. Since a TV stand doesn’t permanently fix your TV in one location, you can place it anywhere else. Now you can lie on your bed, and laze around while watching a movie. 

Even a simple TV unit offers extra storage 

There can never be enough drawers and shelves in the house to fit all your stuff. While it is not always practical to dedicate an individual space for your books, media devices, and showpieces, you can always find a way to accommodate everything in one place. The solution? An entertainment unit. 

Our TV stands have incredible storage capacities. Drawers, cabinets, and shelves. These compartments have enough space to stack your old cassettes, photo albums, DVD players, and even everyday items like newspapers and TV remote. With doors that properly cover these cabinets, you don’t have to worry about dust or dirt spoiling your belongings. 

At times, when you don’t wish to step outside the house to watch a movie, you can recreate the same experience at home. A home theatre system is a worthwhile purchase, especially if you’re a television/movie buff. When your TV stand offers enough room to install a media player, you can host a viewing party without making a chaotic arrangement of wires and speakers. All you now need to complete this mini theatre experience is some buttery popcorn!

How to measure the size of a TV bench? 

What’s the point of a TV stand if your television doesn’t fit in it? We have a wide collection of television entertainment units for all types of TVs. All you need is a measuring tape to get the right fit for your telly. When the space surrounding your TV is well-balanced, it can add to the overall audio-visual experience. 

A TV is usually measured diagonally, with respect to its screen. But, to find the right television stand, you have to measure the width of your television frame. The screen size is of no use here. Grab a measuring tape, and note down the dimensions, mainly the two sides that run parallel to the floor. 

Now that you have measured your TV, it’s time to find a stand that supports its weight as well as complements its shape and design. A TV stand is measured horizontally. It is recommended that the width of the TV stand be slightly bigger than that of the actual TV itself. This ensures two things. Firstly, it's safer this way since the TV load gets evenly distributed on a broader surface underneath it. And secondly, a balanced ratio between the two enhances the room decor. Generally speaking, your TV stand should be approximately 3 inches, or 7.5 cm larger in width from both sides, for a comfortable viewing experience. 

Another aspect that you must take into consideration before buying a led tv table stand is its height. When you have to crane your neck to get the right view, know that you have made the wrong choice. No matter how many drawers and shelves a TV unit has, or how fancy it looks, it is very important to make your decision based upon its dimensions. The height of a TV bench should ideally be such that the centre of the TV screen should be at par, or slightly below the eye level. The easiest way to calculate this is by sitting on the couch, and measuring the distance from the floor to your sightline. Now, subtract half of the TV’s height from this figure. The height of the TV stand must be within 1-2 inches of this figure.

How to position smart TV stands?

Everyone deserves some light telly watching after a long day. Be it in your living room, bedroom, or entertainment room, unwinding on a comfortable recliner and hitting play on the next episode is a joy like nothing else. For the best visual experience, your TV stand must be positioned in the right part of the room, and shouldn't crowd the space.  

At IKEA, you will find entertainment units that take up minimal floor space, but offer maximum storage sections. There are three types of TV stands that can be paired with any kind of room decor. The first is a compact TV stand. This type of unit is suitable for smaller television sets, especially the ones designed for bedrooms and compact areas. The second type is a medium-sized Tv stand that is apt for living rooms. These have better storage capacities and are more durable. Lastly, a large TV stand is like a mini entertainment centre that supports all your media devices and gadgets. With this kind of Tv table stand, you can create an impressive aesthetic that showcases grandeur. 

Depending on the layout of your living room/ bedroom, you can decide where the television set goes.If your couch and sofa sets are placed next to all the walls, you can place your TV in a corner. On the other hand, if you want your media unit to be a main component of your home decor, you can place it in the centre of your living room. Our models have sleek designs that look gorgeous and sophisticated, and deserve to be the spotlight of your living room. 

What is a TV stand made of ?

Before you invest in any piece of furniture, you should know the material that it’s made of. By knowing its components, you can determine its durability and what goes into its maintenance. It’s also a great way of amping up your interiors on a budget.

When you want to keep things classy, wood is certainly the way to go. IKEA’s TV stand wooden is sturdy and has a polished look. The cabinets and drawers close silently due to the integrated soft-closing function. With multiple cable outlets and a simple framework, these models give a neat and elegant touch to the space. 

A metal TV stand looks just as charming as a wooden bench. We have designs that have open racks to keep things accessible for you. With multiple compartments to store things, your TV stand becomes more than just a home for your telly. The metallic texture adds a contemporary touch and pairs well with a modern home decor. It’s easy to clean and has enough room to accommodate all kinds of electronic equipment.

Some of IKEA’s best TV units include cabinets all around the TV set, creating a majestic piece of furniture for your living room. These styles are of excellent quality and nothing short of artistic brilliance. It almost occupies an entire wall and has everything from shelves, drawers, and cabinets, to glass doors, open racks, and wire outlets. If you choose to buy this piece, you don’t have to make a similar purchase for a very long time. 

Smart TV stands that enhance the interiors

Since your TV stand will mostly be placed right in the centre of the living room or bedroom, it has to match the rest of the room decor. When your entertainment desk looks royal, it can be the one part of the room that catches everyone’s eye. One of IKEA’s exquisite TV table stands is enough to brighten up dull walls. 

Most TV stands come in subtle colours like beige, white, and light brown, or dark shades like coffee brown and black. Choosing a shade that matches your house’s colour palette is very easy. And with a little push to your artistic side, you can design a home aesthetic that matches your personal style. 

Our range of TV units can match any taste and preference. Looking for something old-school yet sophisticated? Wood is the way to go. If your liking leans more towards unconventional or asymmetry, IKEA’s metal stands won’t disappoint you. And if you are up to date with the latest trends and wish to go with something contemporary and fashionable, we have entertainment units that look like they’re straight out of a home decor magazine. 

Mini theatre at home

There’s nothing more enjoyable than slipping under a blanket and enjoying a film in your pyjamas. Some hot cocoa and chips will complete this fun movie night. But if your TV lies in some corner of the room, and you have to struggle to get a proper view of the screen, it can be really frustrating.

Home theatre is a wonderful investment for your house. Nothing is better than doing things from the comfort of your home. A TV stand supports a television screen of any size and its design is suitable for any room. For a home theatre system with speakers, media player and cables, an entertainment unit has the best structure to support it. 

From our television and media accessories, you can find the most unique and practical TV benches. With the added advantage of storage compartments, your home can have a neat and orderly aura. Finding the right model is all about getting the size right, prioritising your taste, and keeping the entire affair cost friendly - something that we at IKEA always offer.