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An efficient work setup in the comfort of your home

An organised workspace is just what you need to make working at home easier. To avoid distractions, use a room divider to separate your workspace from the rest of your home. Tuck away your files and papers in a standalone storage cabinet. Putting all your work papers away clears the desk for your children who want to use it for study or exam preparations.

See TROTTEN systems
      See TROTTEN systems

      No matter what kind of space you have, we’ve got your desk covered

      Whether you’re looking for a desk for your gaming nook, an office or for working from home, you’re sure to find your dream desk below.

      Level up your gaming station with a desk that is made especially for it. A large and deep table top, plenty of space for multiple monitors and cable management, check!
      Get work done with our desks for office. Made to survive everything from crazy big projects to coffee spills – our office desks come with a 10-year guarantee.
      Create an inspiring workspace for working at home with a desk that matches your interiors; there are plenty of different styles and sizes to choose from.
      How to build your own desk.

      How to build your own desk

      Can’t find a desk to suit your style and needs? Why not try building your own. Simply combine your choice of tabletop with legs, trestles, a drawer unit or a shelf – the only limit is your imagination.

      See the table bar system

      A living room table that does it all

      Snacks central, doodle and drawing space, online meeting buddy. Your coffee table or side table can be all this and more. It’s amazing how something small can be such a big part of everyday life. Find your do-it-all table here.

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      One girl standing on a sofa, while another sits and grabs popcorn from a bowl on a white BURVIK side table.
        A board game, two bowls of snacks and lemonade on top of SVALSTA nest of tables in birch veneer.
        A laptop on a beige BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand, a jute rug, an armchair with cushions and a white floor/reading lamp.
        A living room where a girl draws at a BORGEBY birch-veneer coffee table, and a woman crochets in a light-grey sofa.
        A black GLADOM tray table covered in snacks next to a white DOCKSTA table with two LISABO chairs in black and ash.
        See all coffee & side tables

        Desks, dining and other tables for you

        A table is inevitably such a versatile piece of furniture. There are so many uses around the room. You need one for eating, working, dressing, meeting, and much more. IKEA understands that and that is why it offers a wide selection of tables. 

        When you come to IKEA, you will find desks and computer desks, bedside tables, coffee and side tables, dining sets, dining tables, multifunctional tables, changing tables, dressing tables, children's tables, bar tables, conference and meeting tables, café tables, and console tables. So many different colours and styles. You will find the design which is just right for your specific needs at IKEA.

        An IKEA table for everything

        There’s an IKEA table for this…

        A study table is an important feature of any student's or working professional's life. Here is where you study hard so that you can get good grades on your exams at school or university. A working professional needs a work table so that they can work and accomplish the tasks assigned to them. The sooner they finish their work, the sooner they are free to pursue their hobbies or spend time with their loved ones. Also, so much time is spent working that a work table is like an extension of your personality.

        You’re reading in bed at night. But now, it is time to switch off the lights and go to bed. What to do with your book? Here is where a bedside table comes to play. Your books, a bedside lamp, a bottle of water, and other small things can be placed on a bedside table for your convenience. Just extend your hand and get your glasses, have a drink of water or keep a favourite photo.

        A coffee table is the centrepiece of your living room. Your chairs and sofas are centred around this coffee table. A vase full of flowers, coffee table books, coasters, and cups of tea or coffee all find a home on this table. Coffee tables bring both form and function to your living room. Besides, you can pick the whole lot from IKEA!

        A console table organises all your miscellaneous objects in one place so that you are not running around searching for these essential items. You can keep your favourite and special things in plain sight and close at hand. These tables are cleverly designed since they are both practical and gorgeous.

        Then, there’s an IKEA table for that…

        There are so many colours and styles that you will want to take all of the IKEA dining sets home. A dining table is a wonderful place where your family comes together for meals. Remember they are made for families - they are resistant to the food stained hands of little children and the usual wear and tear - but at the same time look great. 

        The bedside tables can be put by the bed or around the house where you need extra storage. A cell phone, a tablet, a glass of water or the current bestseller you’re reading will be near you all the time. A study table set will make sure you stay focused completely on your work. No distractions from your work or studies. Work or study at your desk in style. These are designed to make you comfortable because IKEA understands your needs.

        Is your child having trouble doing their homework? With children's tables by IKEA, your children will love homework time and reading time. A space for themselves, a child will be more motivated to study or keep busy as they are in different attractive colours just right for young minds. For adults having trouble concentrating, there are conference and meeting tables. These types of tables will smarten up your office and give you a perfect space to have meetings. If you are bored with your usual desk, then come sit by these tables and work in a new environment for inspiration. 

        Things to remember when buying tables

        Buying furniture is a fun thing especially when you are doing it at an IKEA online or retail store. There are so many choices, you can just let your imagination run riot and have your experience follow it. Our wide collection of tables at IKEA can make it seem a bit confusing when picking one out. Tables serve many purposes in a home so you should know a few things before you go looking to buy a table. 

        A table's size is extremely important. How much space is available in your house and how many people will be using this table? Two, four, or six people? You need to know these things before you browse through IKEA's collection. 

        Do you need chairs with the table? Is this a dining table or a side table? A dining table or a small study table will need chairs. A side table or a console table won't need chairs. So it is completely up to you which type of tables you want to buy. 

        The shape of the table is also important. Most of the time, tables are rectangular but there are round shaped tables as well. See which shape suits your decor and which you like the most. It is your home and you get to decide how to decorate it. 

        Is a computer desk your requirement? Enhance your workspace with these types of desks. IKEA will give you so many options such as a standing table, a children's desk, a laptop table, and so much more. Figure out where you will be putting your work desk and pick the best one for your needs. 

        A table's versatility is also significant for you. Perhaps you have a studio apartment or can't allocate a lot of space to a large table. No problem at all. IKEA has multifunctional tables just for such demands. These multipurpose tables will solve any space or usability problems. You can have a durable dining table with storage and a white study table with drawers at the same time. These tables can be foldable so that they won't occupy too much space when they aren't in use. You can have a durable table which is also extremely practical. This space-saving design will be particularly handy for students living in dorm rooms or a person living in a fun-size apartment. The storage of these multifunctional tables will be helpful when you are setting up your new apartment. 

        Pick tables from IKEA's extensive range

        A table can turn an unorganised space into a chic area in your home. Tables are so much more than pieces of  furniture to keep things on. You enjoy so many happy meals on a gorgeous dining table with its charming chairs or spend hours working for your next pitch on a study table with storage. New parents will be changing so many diapers that a changing table will be a must for efficiency and speed. The sooner the baby's diaper is changed, the sooner the baby is happier. 

        Need to get ready for a night out? A dressing table is an answer to all your prayers. There is plenty of space to keep your makeup, jewellery, and grooming products. This dressing table can also be used for keeping mail, notebooks, keys, knickknacks, and other miscellaneous items. You can even add a table mirror, a jewellery tray, a candle and its stand, flowers in a vase, a small plant, perfume bottles, and other baubles on top of your dressing table. You will get ready in the morning much faster because your dressing table is at the optimal height. 

        Opening your very own café? Need durable furniture for the café? With these fabulous café tables, you can decorate your café and it will create a warm space. These adorable café tables can be used even in your home for a comfy breakfast nook. These adaptable tables can be enjoyed by all.

        IKEA's tables and desks come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. IKEA puts a lot of thought into designing these tables. The tables are sturdy, beautiful, practical, and elegant. Organise your lovely home with IKEA's vast table collection with plenty of storage. These artistic pieces of furniture will brighten up your home and complement your style.