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Is that your new co-worker you’re glancing at?

The new RIDSPÖ desk has all you need in a modern workspace. It even has a drawer with a glass top for notes, tracing, or to keep beautiful things on display. Then there’s the natural good looks and graceful style.

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A black NÄVLINGE LED work lamp and a laptop on an oak RIDSPÖ desk, placed in a light, unfurnished space.
A NÄVLINGE work lamp placed on an oak RIDSPÖ desk. Notebooks and accessories are placed in the desk’s glass-top drawer.
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More optionsLINNMON / ADILS Table 100x60 cm (39 3/8x23 5/8 ")

LINNMON / ADILS Desk, black-brown/dark grey, 100x60 cmLINNMON / ADILS Desk, black-brown/white, 100x60 cmLINNMON / ADILS Desk, black-brown, 100x60 cmLINNMON / ADILS Desk, dark grey/white, 100x60 cmLINNMON / ADILS Desk, white/dark grey, 100x60 cmLINNMON / ADILS Table, white/black, 100x60 cm

More optionsLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk 120x60 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8 ")

LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, white/black-brown, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, black-brown/black, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, black-brown/white, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, grey-turquoise/black, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, white anthracite/white, 120x60 cm

More optionsRIAN Side table 50x30 cm (19 5/8x11 3/4 ")

RIAN Side table, black, 50x30 cm

More optionsLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk 120x60 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8 ")

LAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, black-brown/black, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, black-brown/dark grey, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, white/dark grey, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, white/black, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, white anthracite/black, 120x60 cmLAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, white anthracite/dark grey, 120x60 cm

More optionsSANDSBERG / ADDE Table and 4 chairs 110x67 cm (43 1/4x26 3/8 ")

SANDSBERG / SANDSBERG Table and 4 chairs, black/black, 110x67 cmSANDSBERG / TEODORES Table and 4 chairs, black/black, 110x67 cmSANDSBERG / LIDÅS Table and 4 chairs, black/black/black/black, 110x67 cm
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Not every bedside table is blue

Why waste precious time telling you how sturdy and helpful this little table is? You’re buying KNARREVIK bedside table because this is just the blue for you.

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Video: Close-ups of the details of a bright blue KNARREVIK bedside table to moving farther away to see the table in full view.
A bright blue KNARREVIK bedside table is standing slightly angled in a white studio space.
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A warm spot that welcomes extra guests

Free up space in your kitchen with an extendable table that is compact day-to-day, then extends when you have guests over. Inspired by traditional Swedish furniture, this wooden PINNTORP table has a simple design that is full of warmth and character. The perfect spot for sharing meals and memories together.

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A tea towel hangs on the back of a PINNTORP chair with a MALINDA chair cushion standing beside a PINNTORP gateleg table.
Red-stained PINNTORP chairs and a PINNTORP gateleg table are in a Swedish cottage-style dining room with blue walls.
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Buy tables online at best price

A table is inevitably such a versatile piece of furniture. There are so many uses around the room. You need one for eating, working, dressing, meeting, and much more. IKEA understands that and that is why it offers a wide selection of designer tables online. 

When you come to IKEA, you will find desks and computer desks, bedside tables, coffee and side tables, dining sets, dining tables, multifunctional tables, changing tables, dressing tables, children's tables, bar tables, conference and meeting tables, café tables, and console tables. So many different colours and styles. You will find the table design which is just right for your specific needs at IKEA.

Explore the range of IKEA's modern table designs

Be it for studying or working or eating or storage or organising, IKEA has tables for all your needs. 

  • Study Table

study table is an important feature of any student's or working professional's life. Here is where you study hard so that you can get good grades on your exams at school or university. Hence, a study table for kids is an essential piece of furniture to have.

  • Table with Drawers

A working professional needs a table with drawers so that they can keep all their essentials in one place. Having to get up frequently to get things breaks your flow and reduces productivity. If you work out of a home office a larger table with drawers will help you conduct your business more efficiently.

  • Bedside Table 

You’re reading in bed at night. But now, it is time to switch off the lights and go to bed. What to do with your book? Here is where a bedside table comes to play. Books, a bedside lamp, a bottle of water, and other small things can be placed on a bedside table for your convenience. Just extend your hand and get your glasses, have a drink of water or keep a favourite photo.

  • Modern Coffee Table

A coffee table is the centrepiece of your living room. Your chairs and sofas are centred around this coffee table. A vase full of flowers, coffee table books, coasters, and cups of tea or coffee all find a home on this table. IKEA’s coffee tables bring both form and function to your living room. Besides, you can pick the whole lot from IKEA!

  • Console Table

A console table organises all your miscellaneous objects in one place so that you are not running around searching for these essential items. You can keep your favourite and special things in plain sight and close at hand. IKEAs’ console tables are cleverly designed since they are both practical and gorgeous.  

  • Dressing Table

Need to get ready for a night out? A dressing table is an answer to all your prayers. There is plenty of space to keep your makeup, jewellery, and grooming products. This dressing table can also be used for keeping mail, notebooks, keys, knickknacks, and other miscellaneous items. You can even add a table mirror, a jewellery tray, a candle and its stand, flowers in a vase, a small plant, perfume bottles, and other baubles on top of your dressing table. You will get ready in the morning much faster because your dressing table is at the optimal height. 

  • Modern Dining Table

There are so many colours and styles that you will want to take all of the IKEA dining table sets home. A dining table is a wonderful place where your family comes together for meals. Remember they are made for families - they are resistant to the food stained hands of little children and the usual wear and tear - but at the same time look great.

  • Bedside Tables

The bedside tables can be put by the bed or around the house where you need extra storage. A cell phone, a tablet, a glass of water or the current bestseller you’re reading will be near you all the time.

  • Conference Room Tables

For adults having trouble concentrating, there are office conferences or meeting tables. These types of tables will smarten up your office and give you a perfect space to have meetings. If you are bored with your usual desk, then come sit by these meeting tables and work in a new environment for inspiration.

Buy table online base on different material types 

Here are IKEA’s collection of modern tables available online, thoughtfully crafted from some common materials.

  • Wooden Tables:

Wood is one of the most popular materials for table making due to its versatility and natural beauty. Different types of wood is used to create wood tables with various finishes and styles.

  • Glass Tables:

Glass tables add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a space. They come in many options that can be paired with various base materials like metal or wood for a modern look.

  • Metal Tables:

Tables made of metal, such as steel, iron, aluminium, or brass, are known for their sturdiness and durability. Metal tables can have intricate designs or sleek and minimalist looks, depending on the finish and style.

  • Plastic Tables:

Lightweight and affordable, plastic tables are a practical option for outdoor furniture or casual indoor settings. They are available in various colours and styles.

  • Bamboo and Rattan Tables:

These natural materials are commonly used for making casual and eco-friendly tables, especially for outdoor or tropical-themed spaces. Bamboo tables are a great way to incorporate nature into your space and rattan tables are perfect for a more bohemian decor. 

Things to Consider before buying tables online

Size: A table's size is extremely important. How much space is available in your house and how many people will be using this table? Two, four, or six people? You need to know these things before you browse through IKEA's collection. 

Type: Do you need chairs with the table? Is this a dining table or a side table? A dining table or a small study table will need chairs. A side table or a console table won't need chairs. So it is completely up to you which type of tables you want to buy. 

Shape: The shape of the table is also important. Most of the time, tables are rectangular but there are round and square tables as well. See which shape suits your decor and which you like the most. It is your home and you get to decide how to decorate it. 

Is a computer desk your requirement? Enhance your workspace with these types of desks. IKEA will give you so many options such as a standing table, a children's desk, a laptop table, and so much more. Figure out where you will be putting your work desk and pick the best one for your needs. 

A table's versatility is also significant for you. Perhaps you have a studio apartment or can't allocate a lot of space to a large table. No problem at all. IKEA has multifunctional tables just for such demands. These multipurpose tables will solve any space or usability problems. You can have a durable dining table with storage and a white study table with drawers at the same time. These tables can be foldable so that they won't occupy too much space when they aren't in use. You can have a durable table which is also extremely practical. This space-saving design will be particularly handy for students living in dorm rooms or a person living in a fun-size apartment. The storage of these multifunctional tables will be helpful when you are setting up your new apartment. 

Why you should buy IKEA tables online?

  • IKEA tables are made with high-quality materials by skilled craftsmen, resulting in sturdier and more durable products. Whether it's for home use, office settings, or public spaces, the sturdy construction of IKEA  designer tables ensures they withstand daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting functionality. This in no way compromises on design and aesthetics, our visually appealing tables can elevate the ambience of any environment.
  • Another significant aspect that sets IKEA table furniture apart is the comfort factor. We conduct extensive research and user testing to create table designs that prioritise comfort and functionality. Each factor such as table height, legroom, and surface texture is considered to ensure that you use your study table, dressing table, dining table etc with ease and reduced strain on your body. Comfortable seating is necessary for productivity and overall well-being, making IKEA tables an ideal choice for spaces where people spend extended periods sitting.
  • An added bonus is the wide array of options that you can browse through. We curate diverse collections catering to different styles, preferences, and intended uses so that you can easily visualise what each piece of furniture will look like in your home. Whether you're seeking a sleek, modern table design for a contemporary office space, a rustic farmhouse table for a cosy kitchen, or a multifunctional table to handle all your needs, IKEA has it all! They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials so that you can find the perfect table or customise it for your space.
  • IKEA tables also offer a sense of assurance and reliability that is unmatched. We provide warranties and customer support, offering peace of mind to consumers in case of any issues or defects. The combination of skilled craftsmanship, attractive design, ease of use, the variety offered, and reliable support make IKEA tables the best choice for you!

A guide to perfectly pairing tables with your furniture

Selecting tables that will go well with your existing furniture is essential to create a cohesive and visually appealing interior. Here's a guide to help you make the right choices when you buy tables online:

Consider the style: Take note of the predominant style of your existing furniture. Whether it's modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic, choose tables that complement and enhance that style. For example, if you have a contemporary bed that is sleek and minimalistic then a similar style of table will suit your decor the best. 

Match or contrast materials: Look at the materials used in your current furniture pieces and aim to match or complement the materials when selecting tables. For instance, if your wardrobe is made of dark wood, consider tables in a similar wood finish. Or you can pick out a table with contrasting but complementary tones and tie it all together by having chairs in an entirely different wood finish.

Size and proportion: Pay attention to the size and proportion of your existing furniture in the room. The tables you choose should be proportionate to the surrounding furniture to maintain balance. For example, if you have a large sectional sofa, opt for a substantial coffee table that can visually anchor the seating area.

Balance the visual weight: If your furniture is visually heavy or large, such as a media unit that covers an entire wall, you may want to balance it with lighter and visually airy tables. Conversely, if your existing furniture is more delicate or lightweight like a simple bookcase, consider sturdier tables that can provide a sense of stability and grounding.

Multi-functional options: Depending on your needs, consider selecting tables that offer additional functionality. For instance, a coffee table with built-in storage or a dining table with extendable leaves can be a practical cost and space-saving addition like a sofa cum bed, a sofa that can be turned into a bed.

With these tips, you can choose tables that seamlessly integrate with your existing furniture, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment in your home.