There’s always room for a little more comfort

What better way to bring more style and comfort to your sofa than with nice, soft, attractive cushions from our collection? You can add a splash of colour to your living room with our SOMMARASTER cushion or pick the plain ULLKAKTUS piece to blend in with your decor. With a range so versatile, we’ve even got floor cushions that serve as a comfortable extra seat in your living room. Our SARALENA velvet cushion is beautifully designed with a rich coloured front and a soft contrasting coloured back. Switch sides with this piece to switch up your interiors on the fly!

Sink into comfort and style on your sofa or floor

Cushions are a great and affordable way to make your living room a lot more trendy and comfy. Our range of sofa cushions come in different sizes and colours. They can either add more colour to your living room arrangement or blend in subtly with the rest of your interiors. What’s even better is that you can mix and match different pieces from various collections and give your home a completely different look. Most of our cushions come with a removable cover so it’s easy to keep clean. The simple TURILL collection is made with microfibre and is extremely soft against your skin; perfect to hold onto when you watch a rom-com with your family! Get creative with your living room decor as both sides of our SARALENA velvet cushion can be used thanks to its attractive front and it’s deep coloured back. Our collection of floor cushions are perfect for those looking for an extra seat in their living room. Check out our uber comfortable GURLI collection, coming in so many different colours we’re sure you’ll find the best one for your home.