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Well everyone gets lonely once in a while, even the beautiful sofas and cute relaxing chairs you’ve got around your house. Here’s a way to give them some company and some style when you aren’t around. Adding a fluffy soft pillow or cushion to your  chairs would not just give them a splash of colour but enhance your comfort level while relaxing in your newly designed abode. These cushions also brighten up your living room with some extra touch of design and colour to your living room. When you have extra guests and don’t want them to sit on the cold floors, we’ve got floor cushions that are doubled as comfortable seats in different soft materials. With IKEA’s versatile range of cushions, decorate your space effortlessly. All you’ve got to do is look for cushions that match the ambience of your space and tada! 

Sink into comfort and style on your sofa or floor

Cushions are an interesting and affordable way to turn your living room into a more sophisticated and trendy space. With cushions in different sizes, shapes and colours, there’s a lot you can do with them. These soft  pillows are a perfect decorative piece to add colours to your living room and blend them into the rest of your interior decorations. It is important to be as comfortable as possible while you sit for long hours and cushions major in that area. Most  sofa cushions sag and lose their texture through the days, making it hard to return to its initial stage. However, cushion foams are easily replaceable and you can make them as fluffy as you want with some extra work and care.  What’s even better is that you can mix and match different pieces from various collections and give your home a completely different look. Most of our cushions come with a removable cover so it’s easy to keep clean. 

Did you know that these little pieces of comfort called cushions date back to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt? It was earlier as a symbol of royalty, wealth and richness. The people of Rome are known to use cushions for their marbled benches. Another popular place that featured cushions was in England during the coronation ceremonies of the royalties. 

Besides all of its other uses and purposes, cushions are your sofa’s great companion and we’re here to give you all the information. Cushions have various fillings and one of the most popular one of them all is foam. The foam used in cushions play a major role in determining the comfort level and lifespan of the cushions. These foams are in-demand in markets as they let you sink in and enjoy your day indoors. However, these foams are also made of different materials. 

The polyurethane foams is flexible and is a great support for the back. They are usually used in sponge, soundproofing systems and mattresses. This makes them an highly efficient and comfortable to use in cushions especially the medicated ones. There are also the Medium density polyurethane foam which is little more softer and less firm. These are usually used in patio cushions. The most popular cushion foam is the polyester fiberfill. They are perfect for your tight budget. These are soft and almost nonexistent, so much so that it flattens out quickly. They come in different densities like soft polyester, the ones that are smooth and last long, the ply-a soft polyester which is a little less bouncy, the faux down polyester for those allergic to feathers and the cluster polyester which is  highly durable. They are perfect for cushion stuffings, cushion fabric support and deep seating back cushions. These different types of cushion fillers are the primary reason for all sorts of comfort and support while you relax in your chairs or sofas. 

In addition to the versatile collections of cushion stuffies, cushions are made of different shapes too. These also play a role in determining the presentation of your sofas. They affect the look and ambience of the living room or any other place you use it in. We have the regular square shaped, the long rectangle ones, the funky triangles, classic rounds, the cylindrical head support cushions and anything we missed? While these are the basic type of cushions, there are quirky shapes and unique ones available too. Based on the design and theme of the room, you can always add any shaped cushion to represent your style. 

Cushions are a form of representing who you are and what your aesthetics are. While the cushions contribute to the vibe of the room, it determines how unique or quirky, simple and minimalist or maximalist you are. The basic cushions that have defined sides like the square or rectangle cushions are great for simple decor ideas. These stay stiff and straight on your couch while giving it a great look. These loose cushions in different shapes are great for moving around, hugging during horror movies and lying down while playing games. You can remove them whenever you want, wash them and clean the sofa occasionally. 

Some people enjoy filling their entire couch with cushions, while others like to stuff the corners and some balance it based on the seatings. Either way how many ever number of seatings you have, adding cushions makes it more comfortable. If you like to be aesthetic and particular with your decorative arrangements, here are some tips to remember. If you have a three or four seater sofa, adding two cushions would be perfect and simple, However, you could go for four with one each in the divisions for the three-seater and five for the four seaters. You can also throw in some extra cushions of different sizes depending on the size and space of the couch. 

A normal three seater couch would look great with an 18 inch or 20 inch square cushion. If you have a larger couch, you could go for the 24 inches square or larger ones too. You can always balance them with smaller cushions of different shapes too. If you wish to add pillows of different sizes or shapes, the arrangements may vary and you’ll need to look for cushions that fit the arms of your couch. 

Comfort on the floor

Moving on to floor cushions, these are a little smaller than your bean bags and a lot bigger than your ordinary cushions and pillows. Using floor cushions is a great way to easily add extra seatings when there are too many unexpected guests and keep your place less crowded too. You can pull them out when people come and stack them into your cupboards, use them as an ottoman or just pile them up in a corner when no one is around. 

Cushions don’t have to always be for your indoor couches or chairs. You can add them to your outdoor patio furniture, wooden chairs or benches too. For the outdoor cushions, you could go with leather covers or those that would easily withstand the dust and the rain. You could also use materials that are easy to clean and maintain in the long run. Another option is to keep them indoors and bring them out when you’re enjoying an evening outdoors. We also have the back cushions that are perfect for your bamboo or wooden chairs that are a little tough on the back. You can also add them to your car seats to give you a push and make your seatings a little more relaxing. IKEA has a lot more collections of cushions and sets. We have a cushion set that you can add to your space to create an entire extra seating or just place it above a wooden bench. These sets have both back support and bottom cushions making it a cushion seat by itself. 

The bolster case pillows are great to keep underneath your neck during an afternoon nap or for your arms when the sofa is too short. You can also lean on them while watching a movie or behind your neck when resting on an easy chair. We have cushions that may look like a comfortable seat for your pet dog or cat but you can always share them with humans too. If you already have an extremely designed and decorated living room or hall, you can keep your cushions simple and plain. You could go for a colour palette that matches the vibes in the room. But if you have multiple colours and your furniture is plain, adding abstract or floral designed cushions are a great way to implement some design and texture into your space. If you are not satisfied with designs on the cushion, you could always check out our range of cushion cover collections. 

Bedroom comfort and aesthetics upgrade

Cushions are not just meant for your living rooms  and outdoors. If you love comfort and cuddling, cushions are a great friend. If pillows are too much you can always get a couple cushions that match your sheets or the room and add them to your bed. They look great when you make your bed and feel great when you go to sleep. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t add some extra comfort to your space. Bedroom cushions come in various sizes to fit your king size, queen size, single or double bed perfectly. Each bedsize has their own cushion sizes you’ll need to research before dumping different cushions and spoiling the aesthetics. The best size pillows for your king size is 48 x 74 cm. To have a more appealing arrangement, you can add three accent pillows or cushions in front of the two king pillows and then smaller ones infront of them again. You can also add a single rectangular piece right in the front to complete the entire look. When adding cushions it is important that you don’t overdo it. A bed looks and feels great with so many fluffy pillows around but to keep it aesthetic and organised you can add three or six extra cushions  depending on the width and size of the bed. Get them in similar sizes to keep them classy.

The simple TURILL collection is made with microfibre and is extremely soft against your skin; perfect to hold onto when you watch a rom-com with your family! Get creative with your living room decor as both sides of our SARALENA velvet cushion can be used thanks to its attractive front and it’s deep coloured back. Our collection of floor cushions are perfect for those looking for an extra seat in their living room. Check out our uber comfortable GURLI collection, coming in so many different colours we’re sure you’ll find the best one for your home.