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Quilts so light and snuggly you’ll find excuses to stay in bed longer

Quilts so light and soft, they’ll keep you cool and comfortable all day and night. Our collection of beautiful quilts have been thoughtfully designed to keep you comfy in any season. Our RÖDTOPPA collection comes with quilts filled with lyocell that can be used in winters for extra warmth or choose from our lighter quits to snuggle even in the summers. Our GLANSVIDE quilts with its pure cotton covering will let your skin breathe as you sleep soundly through the night.

You should find a pair of perfect pillows for your bed. One of the most important choices for a good night’s sleep is the choice of pillows. Some sleepers like a high and soft pillow, others prefer flatter and firmer or a memory foam pillow. Whichever pillows you like and however you sleep, you’ll be able to find one that helps you rest your wary head in our wide range of bed pillows.

Soft pillows, firm pillows, little ball of down

When choosing the firmness and material of your pillows there are two important things to consider. How do you normally sleep? And, what do you like?

The first consideration regarding how you normally sleep helps you narrow down your choice. For side and back sleepers for instance, a firmer higher pillow is often a good choice. For somebody that prefers sleeping on their stomach, a flatter softer pillow might be a better choice, since it allows you to align your head, neck and spine in a better way.

We also have specific ergonomic bed pillows that are made specially for side and back sleepers. If you haven’t tried an ergonomic pillow made of memory foam, it could revolutionize your sleep. They mould to the shape of your head and neck with the help of your body temperature.

And this brings us to the last consideration. Whatever we, or anyone else, writes or recommends the choice is ultimately a choice of personal preference. What feels right, good and comfortable for you? The pillows that you like the most will also be the pillows that help you get the best sleep.

Pillows in different materials

We have pillows with covers in different materials and with different fillings. The different materials give the pillows different characteristics. Some are softer, others mould, some breathe very well, others absorb moisture efficiently. Read the description of each pillow carefully to choose the material that suits your needs best. And remember that we also have sustainable materials that are friendly towards the environment –which also could help you sleep better, thanks to a cleaner conscience.

Should you sleep without a pillow?

Using a pillow realigns your head, neck and spine. The ideal sleeping position keeps your head, neck and spine properly aligned in a neutral position. So, if you sleep on your side or back, a neck pillow will help your spine achieve a neutral position. However, when you sleep on your stomach, a pillow may raise your head too much. If you are a stomach sleeper, a very low pillow or no pillow at all is a better solution.

Signs that it is time for a new pillow

If your pillow shows signs of wear and tear, it is time for a new one. There are other signs that it is time to get a new pillow:

  • Your pillow does not smell fresh or looks stained
  • The pillow is lumpy despite being fluffed out
  • If you keep waking up to fluff and adjust your neck pillow
  • You develop chronic neck pain
  • You are getting acne, or your existing acne is getting worse
  • When you fold a new pillow and let go, it bounces back to shape. If your pillow stays folded, it needs replacement
  • If you have always slept in a particular position and have now changed the sleeping position, it may be because your pillow is not supporting you comfortably anymore.
  • If you wake up tired, there could be something wrong with your sleeping position or mattress. But your pillow could also be the culprit and need replacement.

Pillows for back sleepers

When you are a back sleeper, you need minimal support, which calls for a lower density or a contour pillow specifically designed for a back sleeper. A pillow that is too high will strain the neck and cause pain.

Pillows for side sleepers

A side sleeper needs extra support. A neck pillow that does not adequately support the neck will result in shoulder pain for the side sleeper. A medium-density pillow designed for side sleepers is the most comfortable and takes the strain off the neck and shoulders.

Pillows for stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers do best with no pillow at all or a low-density pillow designed for stomach sleepers. A very low pillow keeps the neck and the spine aligned for comfortable sleep.

Memory foam

Memory foam was originally developed for use in spacecraft. It is a kind of foam that softens with body heat and moulds itself to the shape of the object on it. So, when used in a pillow, the memory foam helps the pillow adjust and adapt to your precise body contour for personalised comfort. Memory foam pillows do need to be fluffed and offer excellent support. If you are a warm sleeper, try a memory foam pillow such as the KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow with a cooling gel layer on top that keeps you cool and comfortable as you sleep.

Polyester pillows

Polyester filled pillows are easy to wash and maintain. They are also inexpensive, which means that you can replace them frequently. They are manufactured in different thicknesses for different types of sleepers.