Cushion covers

That perfect finishing touch to your living room

Cushions are the easiest way to transform your room to match your personality and style. Our cushion covers add colour and texture to your sofa or bed, so pick a cover that suits your decor the best. We have cushion covers online that range from elegant classic designs to fun cushions with bows and tassels. Many of our collections such as the MAYLINN cushion cover have different patterns on either side, so you change the look of your sofa with a simple flip of the cushion.

Fun or formal, we have something for everyone.

On our website, we have a wide range of cushion covers online that you can choose from that will accentuate your living room decor. The GULLKLOCKA chenille fabric and the SANELA velvet cushion covers add interesting textures and beautiful colours to your decor. The rustic linen AINA cushion cover has bows that add a bit of fun to your bed or sofa. If you are not a fan of bows, just choose the same AINA cover with buttons instead. Support Indian artisans and their livelihood by choosing from our range of handcrafted covers from the ANNANSTANS and KRYDDAD collections. You can even decorate your outdoor furniture with the handmade SÖTHOLMEN piece that has a water repellent lining and fade-resistant qualities. The SISSIL cushion covers are made of denim, complete with jean-like seams and small brass buttons. Our collections that do not have bows or buttons have concealed zipper closures that make them easy to remove.