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Cooking preparation tools

Prepping Meals Has Never Been Easier

Before you put those tasty dishes on the stove or oven, you can use our cooking preparation tools to give them form. Cut, chop or peel vegetables with the IKEA 365+ series, grind spices and herbs for flavour in our ÄDELSTEN and sprinkle on some cheese using our VARDAGEN grater, our tools bring out the chef in you. We are committed to making your kitchen a safe place, that’s why our tools feel steady in your hands and are so easy to use. Not just regular dinner prep, our tools help make your parties a hit too, with cake decoration sets for your dessert and corkscrews for your vintage wines. 

Chop, Grind, Peel And Prep - Cooking Made Convenient!

Whether cooking for the family or as a hobby, our cooking preparation tools make it a piece of cake! Get our IKEA 365+ mandolin that lets you slice potatoes super thin for crispy chips. And if you want slightly thicker cucumber slices in your salad, it does that too - they are 3 different thicknesses you can choose from! The cap for holding your vegetables and the zero setting feature make sure your fingers are safe. Want to recreate grandma's masalas? Put the herbs and spices in our marble ÄDELSTEN mortar and pestle and get to work! We know how your kids wait impatiently at the dinner table, that’s why our VARDAGEN cooking preparation tools, like the potato peeler or grater, lets you prepare lunch in a jiffy! Not limited to pre-cooking activities, you can get our SMAKSAM cake decor set with piping bags, comb and divider to beautify your muffins, cupcakes and cookies after they’re done. We’ve got bottle openers and corkscrews that let you bring out the bubbly too!

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