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Mixing & measuring tools

A Spoonful Of Convenience

Fancy yourself a chef? Or is baking your passion? We've got just the right tools for you. Our mixing & measuring tools include the OMTÄNKSAM that gives you stability as you whisk that cake batter and VARDAGEN a set of five measuring cups that let you pour in the right ingredients. If you want to cook your steak the perfect medium-rare, our FANTAST thermometer is your saviour. Want to impress with your culinary skills? Get the precise amount of components in with UPPENBAR, our measuring jug. 

For Meals Cooked to Perfection

Let there be no half measures to your cooking with our collection of mixing & measuring tools like the OMTÄNKSAM, a stainless steel mixing bowl that doubles as a storage container. Its silicone lid can be used as a base to keep the bowl stable as you whisk frosting for party cupcakes or eggs for your morning omelette. A set of five, the measuring cups from our VARDAGEN range help you get the accurate measure of ingredients for the next birthday cake you bake for your loved ones. If you're in the mood for a barbeque or looking to impress guests with some exotic fare, our FANTAST meat thermometer with a built-in timer is here to save the day. And giving you a helping hand is the UPPENBAR, a range of transparent measuring jugs that help you pour in just the right amount of sauces and juices into your dish. Our mixing & measuring tools bring out the gourmet chef in you. 

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