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Console tables

To Keep Your Favourite Things In Plain Sight And Close At Hand

A console table can help you organise all your miscellaneous items in one place - our console tables come in different sizes, colours, and both with and without shelves and drawers so you can pick the one that matches your home or sofa. Check out the LIATORP console table that has storage space underneath the tabletop so you can free up some space on the table. For something simple, elegant and highly durable, there’s the HAVSTA console table made of solid pine. And there’s also the LISTERBY console table that has a natural dark wood finish which will look good anywhere you place it!

A space for newspapers and magazines or for keys and loose change or maybe both!

Everything in your house needs a place. We get it. That’s why all our console tables are designed so you can store things of different sizes in one space. Like the LIATORP console table, for example - under its tabletop you have two shelves - one to fit smaller things like newspapers and magazines and another for larger storage like big boxes and baskets of extra linen or tools. And our HAVSTA console table, made of solid pine, has the most elegant design and will blend in with your furniture as you can choose between different colours. It also has a shelf at the bottom where you can store large boxes and keep the tabletop for smaller things like keys, vases, or a bowl of candy! Or check out the LISTERBY console table that won’t take up too much space - its compact size is perfect for modern homes. Plus, its second shelf is much higher than the ground so you can use the space below for storage as well!

Where to keep a console table?

A console table is a very versatile piece of furniture. Console tables are ideal for filling in awkward spaces in your interiors. Console tables serve as a decorative display area as well as added storage in a room. Console tables can be placed against a wall or behind a sofa. In an open-plan home, you can use a console table as a way of visually separating the functional spaces in the room.

A console table could hold a vase in the hallway and serve as a catchall for your keys and wallet when you get home. Console tables in the living room are handy for displaying decorative items as well as for storage. A console table could serve as storage for your linen and other table accessories in the dining room.

Decorating a console table

Console tables in hallways look attractive when paired with a mirror above the table. This enlarges the space and is handy to check your appearance before you leave. You can also display a large portrait or photo collage on the wall behind them. Decorate a console table with a lamp, a vase, books, photo frames, decorative knick-knacks or candles.

Choose one centrepiece item and display smaller items around it. Decorative items look better when they are in groups of three instead of being haphazardly arranged. Some people like to use a console table in front of a wall-mounted television. You can also display houseplants on a console table.

Choosing the right console table

  • Size: If you have less space, choose a glass-topped console table. Select a console table to match the other furniture in the room. A narrow console table is ideal for a small room. When using a console table behind a sofa, ensure that the console table is at the same height or lower than the sofa’s back.
  • Storage: A console table is a great way to add more storage to your space. For a dining or living room, select a console table that has shelves or drawers underneath. If you do not need storage, you can use the space under the console table to store ottomans or side tables when they are not required. You can display large decorative pieces under a console table.
  • Style: Your console table should match the colour and style of the other furniture in the room. For the best match choose a console table from the same design series as the rest of the furniture.
  • Easy to maintain: A console table in a dining room or a high traffic area should be easy to clean.

Console tables in a small home

A console table can serve many purposes in a smaller home. It can be used as a desk, sideboard, buffet table, minibar and also for storage. In a tiny house, a console table with a mirror above also serves as a vanity mirror with cosmetics and toiletries stored in the console table drawers. It can also serve as a dining table in a pinch.

Height of a mirror above a console table

A mirror hung above a console table should have a gap of six to eight inches from the top of the table and the mirror’s bottom.

Also, check out our collection of small storage and organizers to keep on your console table so everything’s neat and organized!