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Children's mattresses

Mattresses That Are So Comfortable And Very Easy To Maintain

Children spend more time in bed than adults do. Children's mattresses need to be very comfortable and easy to keep clean. The NATTSMYG foam children’s mattress for extendable beds is designed with pressure-relieving, high resilience foam for comfort. The covers are machine washable in hot water. The cover zippers are child-safe so your little one doesn’t help you remove the covers when you are not looking. The extension pieces are held firmly in place with touch-and-close fastenings. A handle makes the mattress easy to move.

Excellent Supportive Mattresses That Are Easy To Clean And Childproof

Children’s mattresses need to offer proper support for growing children. They also need to be easy to clean. Our collections of children’s mattresses offer mattresses that are designed with the unique needs of little ones in mind. The MOSHULT and MALFORS children’s mattresses are made of resilient foam which give all-around support and absorb the movements of your body. The MALFORS foam mattress has options of medium or firm sleeping comfort. The zippered covers are removable and washable but the zippers have no tab making them childproof. The INNERLIG mattress has Bonell springs enclosed by a protective foam box and felt pad for excellent comfort and air circulation. The PLUTTEN foam mattress does not have removable covers but has covers that can be wiped off. It is reversible. The NATTLIG mattress protector has an inner waterproof layer and is held in place with elastic ribbons at the corners.

A comfortable bedtime with a soft matress is just the start. It's now time to buy some more children's bedroom furniture and get serious about playtime with our toys.