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Children's armchairs

For Those Precocious Mini-Adults

Kids love to imitate their parents. Get them their very own children’s armchair to read, relax, and snuggle up in. They will love to go spinning on our IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel chair or sit with their tablets, imitating mom and dad, on the comfy STRANDMON or POÄNG. It’s fun for them to get a special seat of their own. And hey, that means more room for you on your sofa or recliner! Add in a soft cushion or chair pad and create a cosy nook for your little one.

More Comfort For Your Kids, More Quality-Time With Them For You

Get your kids our comfy and inviting children’s armchairs and let them pretend to be adults alongside you. Spend quality time with them as they keep you company while you work, read, or relax. They will absolutely love spinning and playing on our white IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel chair. And when they’re tired of their impromptu merry-go-round, your little ones can pull down the hood and retreat into a cosy hideout. Don’t worry about them getting scared in the dark, the light material keeps it bright and well-ventilated inside. Or you can get them our STRANDMON or POÄNG children’s armchairs to let them sit by your side in the living room. The comfy backrest and armrests of the STRANDMON keep it snug for your kid as the two of you put your feet up together. We’ve even given it a fixed cushion, considering how restless kids can get. Also, your kiddos will love how grown-up the POÄNG armchair makes them feel. Get the one with a cushion for some extra comfort. 

Want them to join you at dinner? We’ve got junior dining chairs too!