Loft beds

Give Your Sleeping Area A Lift

Playing, sleeping, or studying, your children might be little but have a lot to do. Our loft beds free up floor space that would otherwise be occupied by a bed-frame. Turn it into a study area, use it for storage or convert it into a dance floor. Bonus point? Your kids will love the fun of climbing into a loft bed. Pick our STUVA / FRITIDS if want a multipurpose unit that brightens up your kid’s room or choose our KURA reversible bed to get the best of both worlds. You can rest easy as we’ve designed them to be completely safe for your little ones.

Beds That Are A Cut Above The Rest!

Perfect for smaller rooms, our loft beds make the most practical use of your space. And kids love the adventure of climbing them too! Our STUVA / FRITIDS combination provides a cosy nook for your child to sleep, study and store their clothes. The space below the loft bed comes with a desk unit that you can mount perpendicular or parallel to the bed. There’s space for your kid’s stationery, books, and toys in the drawers whose panels double as blackboards for them to decorate. Or get them our VITVAL loft beds if they are too much of a restless sleeper - the fabric guardrails protect them from bumps. The below desk unit comes with a handy metal pegboard too! The KURA reversible bed grows with your kid. Mount the mattress below when they are little, and flip the bed over to create a play area when they are older. And if you’ve already got plans for that free space, our STORÅ loft bed gives you the freedom to add a desk, walk-in closet, or even a sofa below them.

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