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So fluffy and soft you’d want to sleep in it!

We at IKEA take your drying needs very seriously. Hence, we present to you our range of towels. Be it thick terry-cloth bath towels, hand towels and washcloths to hang in the kitchen or face towels for a quick clean-up, we have it all! All of our towels are super-soft and highly absorbent. From our brightly-patterned SANDVILAN range of bath towels to handy face towels and washcloths from the SALVIKEN and FRAJEN ranges, we have a stupendous variety to cover all of your requirements.

Solid terry, soft against your skin

Soft, absorbent, fast drying and made from more sustainably-sourced cotton, the VÅGSJÖN bath towel leaves nobody untouched.

See all bath towels
See all bath towels

Dry yourself in luxury

All of our towels are made with sustainably-sourced cotton. No artificial brighteners or chlorine preservatives have been used. Each product under this category is available in several colours and sizes. The FLODALEN range of high-end bath towels has a wavy texture made out of tightly twisted yarn to maximize absorption. They are extremely soft and very thick. If you like designs and patterns on your towels, you can go in for the luxurious SANDVILAN range whose products are available in two sizes and are made out of a jacquard-cotton blend. The NARSEN and VAGSJON ranges feature slightly less expensive bath towel options that aren’t as thick as their more expensive counterparts but are just as absorbent. For hand towels, washcloths and napkins, the SALVIKEN and FRAJEN ranges offer budget products in various sizes and colours. No matter the need, no matter the size, IKEA has towels to fit your most trivial needs.

Buying towels

Bath towels that are thick and absorbent are a joy to use after a shower or bath. Choosing towels from the same colour family makes laundry time easier. Loops on smaller towels make them easier to hang securely

The best bath towels are:

  • Large enough to wrap around yourself
  • Soft on your skin
  • Absorbent to dry you well
  • Durable so that they last longer and look better after use
  • Attractive so that you enjoy using them
  • Easy to dry

Washing a bath towel

Bath towels should be thoroughly dried between uses. Frequent washing at least once every two days is best. Washcloths must be washed after every use. Wash towels and washcloths in warm or hot water as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The number of towels for each person in the house

If you do laundry regularly, you will need four bath towels and two hand towels per week for an adult. Children would need two hand towels more than an adult. Each guest in the home would need two bath towels and two hand towels for each day.

Easy towel storage

It is best to store towels away from the humidity of the bathroom. Towels are best folded in thirds lengthwise and then folded into a rectangle. Folding them this way makes them easier to stack on shelves. If you are very short of space, roll towels to store them.

Hand towels

Hand towels are very useful in the bathroom and the kitchen or by any washbasin you use to wash your hands. Hand towels are also sometimes used to wipe faces dry. A face cloth is a good option for this use.

Bath towels vs bath sheets

Some people prefer bath sheets while others are fond of their bath towels. A bath sheet is slightly larger than a bath towel.

Bath towels are ideal for everyday use. They are less bulky to store in a home with smaller linen storage. They are also easier to wash and dry as they are smaller. Smaller children would find bath sheets too big for them. You can always use two separate bath towels to dry your body and hair.

Some people prefer bath sheets as there is more of it to wrap themselves in. Since it is larger, it also has more space for drying long hair. It is ideal for those days when you want to spoil yourself and wrap yourself up in a cosy bath sheet.

Towels for children and babies

Standard bath towels may be too big for a young child. They also slip off an active child. Towels that are colourful are more attractive to children. The JÄTTELIK towel has a hood that ensures that the towel stays on your child. It is also designed to help your child make believe that he/she is a dinosaur when wrapped in it. Wrap your little one in the absorbent RÖDHAKE baby towel with a hood after bath time.

Terry cloth

Terry cloth is a unique fabric that is woven with loops in it. The loops help the cloth absorb more water than a standard woven cloth. Thinner terry towels are easier to dry.