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The IKEA Catalogue & brochures

The 2020 IKEA Catalogue

White pillows on a bed with white bed covers, and a copy of the 2020 IKEA Catalogue laying on one of the pillows.

New wonders are here...

Look forward to new ideas and sweeter dreams

Sleep, glorious sleep! We believe that getting a good night's rest will absolutely improve your life and that a few changes at home can make it happen. In this year's catalogue, you'll find everything you need to get closer to a better bedtime. Starting tonight.

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope our new ideas will inspire a better everyday life in your home.

The best part? It’s all affordable and easy to bring alive, transforming the way you live.

2020 IKEA brochures

IKEA brochures are designed to give you more specific product information as well as lots of room inspiration.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

We’re currently unable to send catalogues and brochures but you can continue to browse and purchase our range online or through the app and have our products delivered directly to you. All our deliveries are contact-free.    
To find out more and keep up to date with our response to the current situation, please visit us here.

Cover for the 2020 IKEA Kitchen Brochure

Kitchens 2020