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Kitchenware & tableware

Love to cook? Or do you just love to eat? We have everything that you need for cooking, baking, serving and eating all in one place. These kitchen and dining essentials help make everyday meals quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

People baking with IKEA VISPAD mixing bowl in white, measuring cups, eggs and flour on the table.

15% off selected bakeware

From 26 February to 31 March, IKEA Family members get 15% off selected bakeware

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We have reduced the prices of our favourite products​

New lower price on our kitchenware and tableware! Together with hundreds of other products, now at even more affordable prices. What's even better? These lower prices are here to stay. ​

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A dining table set with a dark grey tablecloth, round water hyacinth place mats, wine glasses filled with red wine, and IKEA FÄRGKLAR light grey dinnerware.
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An IKEA 365+ steel pot on a wooden chopping board on a dining table set up with grey table linen, white dinnerware and wine glasses.
An IKEA BEHÖVD in a light green colour on a grey kitchen worktop
An IKEA KNOCIS roasting tray with chicken and green vegetables inside, on a grey kitchen worktop.
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Discover our new kitchenware & tableware

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A wood dining table prepared for a meal, with dark coloured plates presenting food, a wood IKEA APTITLIG lazy susan and a glass carafe in the middle.
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A close-up of fridge shelves organised with clear IKEA KLIPPKAKTUS storage boxes, containing foods of different kinds.
A woman peering into her fridge, organised with IKEA HAVSTOBIS storage boxes of various colour lids, containing colourful foods.
A person taking steaming food out of an IKEA MIDDAGSMAT large pot in stainless steel with a lid in clear glass.
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Crockery & tableware

Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite range of crockery and tableware. At IKEA, we believe that your everyday moments deserve a touch of elegance. Explore our collection designed to make every meal a celebration.

A feast for every occasion

Our crockery and tableware aren't just dishes – they're companions to your culinary adventures. Whether it's a casual breakfast or a festive dinner, our range adapts to your needs. From durable everyday essentials to stylish pieces that steal the spotlight, find the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Can I use these in the microwave and dishwasher?

Absolutely, our crockery and tableware are crafted with modern living in mind. Most items in our collection are microwave-safe and dishwasher-friendly, ensuring convenience without compromising quality. Just check the product details for specific instructions.

How do I maintain the longevity of my tableware?

Caring for your tableware is a breeze. For lasting beauty, avoid extreme temperature changes and rapid heating or cooling. Take extra care with delicate pieces, handwashing them for that personal touch. Explore our care guides for additional tips tailored to each product.

Beyond the dining table

Our crockery and tableware aren't confined to dining rituals. Get creative. Use our bowls to showcase succulents, turn plates into wall art, or let your imagination run wild. Versatility is the key – express your style beyond the kitchen.

Setting the scene

Transform your dining area into a haven with carefully selected crockery and tableware. Mix and match textures, colours, and patterns to create a setting that reflects your personality. Our range isn't just dinnerware; it's a canvas for your unique taste.