Hang your fondest memories on every wall. A painting, maybe some glass to reflect light, colour and life in your living space, or even an artificial flower so your recollections stay (kind of) fresh forever. Because that's how the place you live in becomes the place you call home.

Add a pop of spring

Spring is all about renewal. And there’s so much to love: snippets of flowers, clear skies, and birds singing in the air. From floral printed tea mugs and forest green dinnerware, these easy details add a pop of spring to your home and fill your heart with love for the warmer months ahead.

New lower price

At IKEA, we are constantly striving to reduce costs without compromising quality. When you see "New lower price", it means we've found a way to offer good quality, function and even better prices on your favourite products.

Get some glass and play with light and colour

Add shimmering tones to your home with glass vases, bowls and even glass candlesticks. Glass amplifies the light from the candles, and frames the shades of whatever you choose to put in the bowls and vases. Need some cost effective wedding decorations? A table centrepiece of various sized vases filled with flowers and completed with a few tea lights make for a simple and elegant option.

Accessorise with textiles


Dress your home from the floor up with a cosy rug. Whether fluffy, shaggy or low pile, a rug can be just the thing a room needs to bring it together. Check out our range of rugs and carpets and discover how your home can benefit from a little bit of extra homeware.

Cushions & cushion covers

Cushions and pillows are made for much more than comfort. A variety of patterns and textures can help add depth to your décor, breathing fresh life into every room in your home.

Blankets & throws

Blankets and throws offer an affordable way to instantly update the appearance of armchairs and sofas. Drape over arms or backrests for added comfort and personality.

Ideas to brighten your home and display your personality