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Our duvets come in a range of warmth ratings and fillings so you can choose what’s best for you. So whether you like being warm or cool in bed, prefer down and feathers or new materials, like easy-to-care-for lyocell, you’ll find the quilt sets you need for a comfortable night’s sleep. Good night!

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Duvet, pillow and your ideal bedroom temperature

A good day starts with a good night’s sleep. On that note, IKEA has a wide range of duvets and pillows to keep your bedroom temperature just right – and the stylish, crisp bed linen to match your beauty sleep.

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A folded pillowcase lies on top of a pillow which is on top of a folded SMÅSPORRE duvet on a bed near a window.
See all synthetic duvets

When it comes to duvets, everyone has their favourite type. Some of us want a lightweight option to keep cool at night, others prefer their duvet to be thicker and warmer. A good duvet should be made from breathable fabric to keep your temperature steady while you sleep. For your perfect duvet you’ll need to consider the weight, size and form. It’s a lot to think about, but we’ve got duvets to suit every sleeping style – ensuring you’ll find one with just the right weight, warmth and ventilation for you.

Summer duvet – a duvet for each season?

In spring and summer, the temperature normally rises which can impact your sleep by making you feel too hot under your regular duvet. Even though a good duvet helps keep you dry and offers good ventilation it can still insulate too efficiently on a warm night. A simple solution is a thinner summer duvet that gives you that cosy feeling, without making you too hot. If you know that you tend to feel uncomfortable during warmer nights, choose one of our cooler, lightweight duvets for summer.

Chose the right material and filling

As well as choosing the warmth rating of your duvet, you can also take your pick from different materials which all have their own benefits and characteristics.

Cotton, polyester, lyocell and polypropylene mixes

Some of our quilts have a mixed soft fibre filling of cotton, polyester and/or polypropylene. These fibres are lightweight but maintain their shape and insulation properties. They also let your body breathe to help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Lastly, duvets made with these materials can be washed at high temperatures, which is great for keeping dust mites at bay.

Duck down and feather

Duck down and feathers offer a great amount of insulation. A duvet filled with down and feathers will keep you warm while remaining light, soft and fluffy. It can also be put in the wash on a high temperature and tumble-dried to help kill dust mites.