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Play with pastels

The pastel look draws its influence from the 1950's, a playful time for colour and modern design. Bringing this subtle yet statement theme into your home is easier than you think, just start with pastel colour textiles and decorations as your base, then add a few pops of joyful primary colours to complete the look. 

A large light-blue sofa with a variety of cushions in a modern, pastel living room.
A large light-blue sofa with a variety of cushions in a modern, pastel living room.


Kitchen accessories


The blond we've been dreaming about

Blond and light woods, such as the IVAR storage system, will complement any pastel look, so you can go big and kit out your whole home in pastel glory! Or, just start with a few simple textiles and some funky kitchenware in shades of blue, pink, lemon, or mint green for that pop of pastel colour.

A pastle pink square
Pastel glasses and kitchen accessoriess on open shelves
A light-blue sofa in a pastel living room with various colour cushions
A pastle blue square
An open living room with pastel walls and complimentary blond wood shelving. A pastel kitchen is in the back ground.

    Use natural light to soften your pastels

    Layered textiles can help complete the look, plenty of cushions, rugs and throws create a feeling of cosiness. Place sheer curtains at the window and the dapple light from the spring sun will enhance the room's ambience.

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    A green sheer MOALINA curtain filtering the sunlight that’s causing shadows in the curtains, hanging in a pastel inspired living room with bright cushions.
      A blue KIVIK sofa sits in an ambient living room with pastel cushions and a pastel throw.
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        No more beige buffets

        For your dinner sets stick to rounded forms such as ovals and circles that are easy on the eyes. The softness will highten the pastel colour and bring a warmth to your table settings.

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        A blond wood LISABO side table sits with pastel kitchen accessories and pastel decor on top.
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          Pastle and Neon LED blubs shine in a darkened kitchen adding an ambient glow

            Opposites attract

            They might seem like opposites, but carefully placed neon lights can add to the joyful feeling. The TRÅDFRI LED bulb can change between 9 different colours, adding a subtle glow or a neon party vibe at the tap of an app. 

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