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Bedroom storage ideas

Whether you need somewhere to store your clothes, or the perfect spot to keep books and other bedtime essentials, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. We’ve even got some ideas for small and awkwardly shaped bedrooms. From finding enough space for his and her wardrobes to labelling tips that make it clear where everything lives, take your cue from our innovative bedroom storage ideas and get organised.

A grey, yellow and pink themed bedroom, where the bed is framed with white units from the IKEA PLATSA wardrobe series.

Build up your bedroom storage

Store more of what your love in your bedroom and beyond with PLATSA, the storage furniture you can arrange however you like.

A black rustic style wooden wardrobe in the corner of a bedroom filled with clothes will storage boxes and bedding stacked on top next to an image of a close-up of some white and blue and white stripped pillow cases

Bedroom storage labelling tips

Ever spent a little too long searching for where you put last year's winter coat or summer sandals? Make life that bit easier by labelling your clothes storage with these ideas.

A wall of mirrors and a vanity table between two black-brown PAX wardrobes in a dark, modern bedroom

His and hers wardrobe organisation tips

Whether you've just moved in together or you've shared a wardrobe for years, get organised with these his and hers storage ideas.

A white bedroom with IKEA PLATSA wardrobe solution and SOMMARASTER colourful flower patterned bedsheets.

Organise around the odd architecture in a small bedroom

Most of us want to optimise our storage space, but don’t know where to begin — especially when the architecture in our home is unique. See how flexible storage systems can help give your room another dimension.

Open clothes rails and storage boxes under a flight of stairs

Storage ideas for small spaces

If your bedroom is a bit of a tricky shape, make use of these ideas for clothes and shoes storage in awkward spaces.


Bedroom storage essentials

A calm and clutter-free bedroom is essential to getting a good night’s sleep – and to help you keep everything looking spic and span, you’re going to need some decent storage.We take storage seriously, and we’re brimming with ideas to help you tidy everything away and keep your bedroom clear.