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Bedroom design ideas

When it comes to having the perfect night’s sleep, creating the right environment is key. Sleep matters and getting enough shut-eye is vital for our long-term health, as well as helping us make the most out of our waking hours. We've pulled together some of our best bedroom design ideas to help you create a space that’s comfy, stylish and personal to you.

Draped green IKEA GRÅTISTEL net curtains in a bedroom, creating a room in the room, while letting through a little light

How to choose bedroom colours

What's in a colour? Quite a lot, when it comes to your bedroom. Here's what science has to say about which colour could be right for you.

Curtain-softened light and fluffy duvets are ideal complements to the BJÖRKSNÄS birchwood bed and bedside table

3 natural bedroom ideas

Transform your bedroom into a sleep-friendly haven with these simple, Mother Nature-inspired tips.

A bedroom with a BJÖRKSNÄS bed frame, RANARP lamp and STOCKHOLM coffee table

Bedroom inspiration to start your day the right way

Be inspired by these bedroom ideas designed to get you out of bed in the morning and ready to face the day.

‘At Home with Plants’ co-created with IKEA and Indoor Garden Design at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The best plants for your bedroom

Boost air quality for a better night's sleep – and make your bedroom look lively and fresh while you're at it – with these tips for incorporating plants into your home.

A bedroom with KNIXHULT pendant lighting hanging either side of a bed with bamboo headboard.

Bedroom lighting inspiration

From box rooms to master bedrooms and for kids or adults (and anyone in between) the bedroom should be a haven in any house. So, whether you’re relaxing with a good read or getting straight off to sleep there’s lighting options that work for all times of the day and look good too.


Bedroom design accessories

How your bedroom looks and feels can play a huge part in how easily you drift off, and whether you manage to stay asleep all through the night. You might find it hard to unwind in a cluttered or brightly lit room, whereas a bedroom painted in calming colours and decorated with soft furnishings to help absorb sound is likely to have a more sleep-friendly atmosphere. Discover more about designing a space around sleep and get inspired for your next bedroom makeover here.