ROCKÅN Bath robe, white, S/M
ROCKÅN Bath robe, white, S/M
ROCKÅN Bath robe, white, S/M
ROCKÅN Bath robe, white, S/M

A comfy fit for those long, lazy mornings at home – with soft terry on both sides, adjustable belt loops, practical side pockets and sleeves that are easy to move around in.

Article Number003.919.18

Product details

You can enjoy long Sunday mornings in your comfy bathrobe. The sleeve’s seam is sewn diagonally away from the armpit so there’s no chafing against your skin and there’s more space to move in.Some people prefer to tie their bathrobe below the stomach while others prefer higher up. We added an adjustable belt loop that works both ways. A small detail that adds function and comfort to the robe.You get the same, soft terry cotton on the inside as you do on the outside so you can wrap yourself in warming comfort after the bath or shower – and look good too.The pockets are placed on the sides so they won’t end up in front of your stomach when you tie your bathrobe. Handy for warming your hands, storing tissues, keys, phone or pencil for the crossword puzzle.Fabric softener decreases the absorbtion capacity.Designer

Paulin Machado

  • 100% cotton
    Shrinkage maximum 6%.Machine wash, max 60°C, normal process.Dark colours to be washed separately.Do not bleach.Tumble drying, normal temperature (max 80°C).Iron, max 150°C.Do not dryclean.
  • ROCKÅNBath robeArticle no.:003.919.18
    Width: 26 cmHeight: 10 cmLength: 37 cmWeight: 1.03 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

104 cm
Surface density: 
380 g/m²


Very goodVerified BuyerVery good5
comfy robeVerified Buyerbought this to replace previous robe from Ikea, found this one better, washes great dries your body well, down side nothing to hang it up with5
Value for moneyBa AThe product is Value for money4
Perfect!Georgiegirl20Bought one of these for myself this summer and loved it so earmarked them for Christmas presents. Gifted four in total and each was well received. Great for travelling too!5
dressing gownA CameronThe arms are very short unfortunately but otherwise fine3
Awsome Bathrobe Lovely Soft CottonJulie M PThis bathrobe is lovely soft cotton in a great size and even greater price.5
RoomyHorlicksThe bathrobe is very comfortable and there’s plenty of room. Nice quality for the price5
Rock an bath robeSookie2Not sure why the hanging hook is on the outside of the robe4
Nice weight. Could be softer.KT63Attracted by the sizing and weight of the fabric. At £25 that s is reasonable value but not the quality we would expect from IKEA.4
Falls apart very quicklyClemence_nw8It looks great and I offered it to my husband. But in less than 2 weeks, falling strings started to appears and very quickly it looked like a mop. Now, 2 months after, the bathrobe need to be replaced. Disappointing. I do not recommend, product not nice.1
Classic bath robe exc price wash perfectly ...Bari19I have been purchasing these bath robes for years, the are exc in all ways ...price, quality and fit. I usually buy two or three at a time, always in a large size. Stock was low this time and sizes in med only. Hope you are not suspending these.5
White bath robeGrandad12The thickness and quality of this robe is suitable for any age group, washes well even at low temperatures. This one is are second.5
threads getting snaggedJennBirMy son loved this and started wearing it straight away, but after a couple of days he came to me said threads were getting pulled out and it looked really tatty. I've washed it to see if a bit of shrinkage helps it hold together better.2
Nice and warmBrambieThis is a lovely bath rob my husband says it soft warm and a good fit4
Delightful bathrobeAngela QIt's to replace my 31yr old bathrobe which is looking kind of sorry for it self, but the ikea bathrobe is just as brilliant as my old one. I hope it lasts as long as my 1st one :-)5
very good value bathrobeRockan bath robejust what my son was looking for, for lounging around after a shower4
RaquelRochaVery soft. Using it after shower and I don't need extra towel apart of head one.5
Perfect for me .. nice, soft, absorbent ..✅SajedahThe bath robe is just perfect5
Cotton bath robeCookie66Bought as a gift for my daughter. She goes on hot tub holidays. Perfect for after the hot tub with slippers to match.5
Beautiful quality dressing gownAlianneLovely absorbant dressing gown perfect for after shower/bath use! Beautiful quality too!5
ROCKÅN Bath robe, white, S/M

How do you design a garment that fits not only you, but all your neighbours too? We look different, have unique personalities and like different things. But, we seem to have more in common with each other than we think. That’s what Sara Onsmark, one of our Product Developers, discovered when she created ROCKÅN bathrobe.

Sara has a background as clothes designer, so she knows first hand how difficult it is to create something that fit most body types. She and the development team thought, why not ask the factory workers at our suppliers for help? It would be an opportunity to see how people use bathrobes, and how they fit all the different shapes and sizes we come in. “With slightly blushing cheeks and some giggles, they paraded on the factory floor and tried out different prototypes. Some of them were outspoken and voiced their opinions, others were a bit shy,” says Sara.

Nothing under? That’s ok

One of the first things Sara and the team had to solve, was which material they should use. They wanted something that dries quickly and comes with a nice price tag. So the models helped them narrow down their choices. “A few of them whispered; ‘Hmm, we usually don’t have much clothes under our bathrobes.’ It meant we had to have a soft terry and stay away from seams that can chafe. We also put the hanger loop on the outside of the bathrobe, because you should be comfortable even if you are naked underneath,” says Sara.

Differences inspired developers

The team made an interesting discovery regarding how men and women tie their bathrobes. Most men seem to tie the belt under the stomach, while many women tie it higher up, under the bust. “We added an adjustable loop in a contrasting material that works no matter how you prefer it. It’s a small but important detail that adds functionality, and gives the robe a unique look.”

That’s how we like it

Another thing that gave the team an aha-moment were people’s hands. “We noticed that some didn’t know where to put them when the bathrobe was tied and the pockets ended up in front of the stomach. To solve this, we placed the pockets further back instead, and put the openings on the side,” tells Sara. We also seem to sit a certain way when we unwind in a bathrobe. “A few of the models said ‘Oops, perhaps I should cross my legs, so I don’t show too much?’ But we think people should sit however they like, as long as they’re comfortable. Since ROCKÅN has a big overlap and is longer than your average bathrobe it’s easy to cover your legs, so you don’t have to worry about things like that,” says Sara.

Together with people like us

Working on the factory floor together with the models, not only triggered ideas, it also made the development faster. “We asked a lot of questions, but also got direct feedback by just observing how they moved around in their bathrobes. When we develop this way, together with individuals with different needs, we’re more likely to improve peoples’ everyday. And as in the case of ROCKÅN, create a bathrobe that the whole neighbourhood can feel comfortable and look good in,” says Sara.

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ROCKÅN Bath robe, white, S/M