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Office furnishings

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Where do you want to work?

Searching for ways to furnish and style your workplace? Find inspiration in our gallery full of fresh solutions and products for your office.

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A workspace with a doughnut on a side plate placed by a white ELLOVEN monitor stand on a white TROTTEN sit-stand desk.
A carpeted, brown, wood-panel conference space with two white TROTTEN desks and two beige-and-white LÅNGFJÄLL office chairs.
An office space with dim neon lighting where a large workspace is formed by UPPSPEL gaming desks and MATCHSPEL gaming chairs.
An IDÅSEN sit/stand desk by a window with a beige office chair in front. A work lamp and an open laptop are on the desk.
A BEKANT storage unit on castors used as a presentation stand in a conference room. A jacket hangs on a hook on its side.
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Image of a festive doormat with a ribbon on it #3A571D

Bring a little festive spirit to your business

Deck your halls with Christmas decorations and bring some holiday cheer to your workplace.

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You deserve an ergonomic workspace – wherever it’s located

No matter if you work from home or an office, it’s still your body that gets the job done. Be kind to yourself and make sure you have a height-adjustable desk, a chair with good back support, and accessories to create an ergonomic, efficient work environment.

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A light room in grey and white with a white TROTTEN sit-stand desk, a beige HATTEFJÄLL office chair, and office accessories.
A workspace with a beige ALEFJÄLL office chair and an IDÅSEN sit-stand desk in a light, brick-wall, wood-floor room.
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IKEA co-worker in a business interior design remote meeting sharing a product collage on their screen

Interior design service for your business

IKEA offers a comprehensive interior design service for all your business needs. So whatever you need, from lighting ideas to storage tips, the qualified interior designers are happy to help.

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Everything you need for a coordinated office space

TROTTEN system – Focus and collaborate with flexible and adaptable office furniture at a competitive price
BEKANT system – Office storage and flexible desk combinations in different shapes and sizes
GALANT series – Modular storage combinations, shelves and drawers that fit perfectly with BEKANT desks
IDÅSEN system – Office storage and sit/stand desks in coated steel and with rounded details
Office chairs – Swivel chairs with lumbar support and ergonomic designs to make concentrating on the job easier
IKEA 365+ series – Timeless and durable tableware, glassware and cookware
Large, airy office space with white TROTTEN storage units on castors, and desks, chairs and shelving units in light shades.

TROTTEN office furniture adapts as your business grows

From home to high-rise! Discover how the TROTTEN system adjusts to one or many co-workers. Its modular, stylish design follows your changing needs with multipurpose furniture and practical units you can add on.

Recreate the look in your own office

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