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TV benches

Our selection of TV stands and benches in various sizes features a multitude of options to help you create your ideal home entertainment space, whether you’re furnishing a small studio apartment or large family living room. Our collection is designed for personalisation with models which include adjustable shelves, soft closing or push-to-open doors, sliding media drawers and much more. All of our TV stands are sturdily manufactured to last through years of use, and practically designed to simplify installation and cable management.

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The TV stand is quite literally the most overlooked piece of furniture in the world. Thanks of course, to how it’s positioned directly below your movie delivery system. But, for the very same reason, it gets a lot of focal attention. Can you really watch the screen without also seeing the stand? Our firm belief is that you can’t. And this makes your choice of bench one of utmost importance.

That’s why we’ve put together a bunch of tips on how to choose a TV stand that fits your home.

Closed and open storage options

One important consideration is how much storage you need. Nowadays, the TV is often one part of a larger entertainment system. A system that might include an audio system, video game consoles, video players and streaming or storage devices. All of this adds up to a bunch of appliances, and an even bigger mess of wires that require storage.

If you want to keep all of this neat and tidy, a TV stand with closed cabinets could be your best option. If, on the other hand, you like to show off all your latest electronic gear? An open shelved TV bench might just do the trick. That would leave you with wiring out in the open. But luckily, all our tv stands have solutions for cables, such as a hole or gap out the back of the bench.

Styles and materials  

We have a wide selection of TV stands in different colours, styles and materials. So, you’re not up for an easy choice. One way to narrow it down is to look at the rest of the furniture in the room and try to match by style or by colour. For instance, picking a TV table in the same texture and hue as your coffee table or bookshelf is an easy way to match. But by combining and contrasting glass against marble, you can create a modern look.

If you’re looking to remake your living room, or design one from scratch, you can easily match furniture by checking out our product series. Pick a series that contains TV stands, shelves, bookcases and coffee tables to be sure to find the pieces you need. For example, check out series like the HEMNES living room series or the LACK series.

Create your own

Many of our TV stands come with many adjustable options. For instance, you can put shelves at different heights within the cabinets to create just the storage you need. Or you can choose fronts, doors and handles in different styles and colours. But if you’d like even more creative options, our series BESTÅ lets you plan and create your own TV stand. So, check that out and realize your vision!