Indoor growing cultivators

You don’t necessarily need a lot of skill or space to become a gardener. You don’t even need a spot outside! Our indoor hydroponic gardening kits, cultivators and accessories help you propagate plants in any space —and keep your garden growing across all seasons.

What is hydroponics?

Indoor gardening using hydroponics is the process of growing herbs or plants without soil, instead using water, gravel or sand. The plants sit in a ‘netpot’, which the roots will grow through to absorb the nutrients they need to thrive. Our kits make perfect gifts for beginners and green-thumbed experts, allowing them to grow herbs and plants all year round.

What can be grown hydroponically?

There are lots of things you can cultivate in a hydroponic grow kit – some fruit and vegetables include bean sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and strawberries. However, given some vegetables can get quite large, herbs are a more popular seed, for example: basil mint, cress, chives and parsley, to name just a few. Bring your herb garden indoors and grow your own, any time of year.

Are hydroponic plants healthy?

To ensure hydroponic-grown vegetables are healthy, you have to feed and fertilise them with vitamins, and keep them well-lit (the kits contain built-in LED lamps for this very purpose). So, your seedlings will be as healthy as you make them. And because they’re grown in isolation, there’s no risk of pesky garden weeds interfering with their development.