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Bunk beds

Much more fun than an ordinary bed, a bunk bed is also a great practical solution when your space is a bit limited. And if you just need the lower bunk for when friends stay over, you can turn it into a cosy sofa with the help of a few big comfy cushions.

Bunk beds are a natural choice for a shared bedroom. We all love beds - but two in one room? Now that’s when it pays to double up. With a bunk bed you can free up floor space that can then instead be used for something more fun – a small bouncy castle, perhaps. By having one bed safely stacked above the other, you can optimize your bedroom. Our diversely sized bunk beds come in wood and metal, with different ladder styles. After taking your pick, the only decision that remains is who gets to sleep on the top bunk.

Bunk beds make bedtime more fun

Furnishing and decorating a shared children’s bedroom can be a lot of fun – but also a real headache. A bunk bed solves the problem of space limitations, by freeing up an entire bed’s worth of floor space. But you can also have fun with a bunk bed, turning it into a secret cabin or hut with draped fabrics and comfy pillows. With a bit of fantasy, bunk beds can bring a big cosy factor in children’s bedrooms.

Different kinds of bunk beds

Most of our bunk beds are double bed frames, made to hold two bed mattresses (one on top of the other). Naturally, these bed frame sizes fit our bed mattresses, so you can pair the frame with the exact level of comfort you want. If you need to fit three people in, then you can triple up with a three-bed bunk bed! These bunk beds hold three mattresses. Consider SVÄRTA, which comes with two beds, two floors, but a third bed frame which can be added for a sleepover. Simply pull out the lower bed and voila! It’s a three-person slumber party, with no space wasted.

If it’s not extra bed space you’re after, but rather more space in general, then consider instead a loft bed or bunk bed with storage underneath. Both these bunk bed types free up floor space.