TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark grey,

Mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.

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It has passed the same strict safety tests as all our other bunk beds. To bring the price down we just used other materials and made the bed lower. It came out pretty cool!

Article Number002.392.33

Product details

A good solution where space is limited.

The bed is lower than standard beds so that parents can see their child

The bed is lower, which makes it easier to make the bed.

It’s easier to get in and out of the bed with a centered ladder.


IKEA of Sweden

Article Number002.392.33
  • Bed base included.

    Mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.

    Max load indicates static weight, in other words the load which the bed withstands if you lie or sit on it.

  • Material
    Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    100 % polyester

    Hand wash, cold (30°C).

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dryclean.

    Line drying.

  • High beds and the upper bed of bunk or loft beds are not suitable for children under 6 years due to the risk of injury from falls.Recommended for ages from 6 years.
  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.


Max. weight/sleeping level: 100 kg

Length: 207 cm

Width: 96.5 cm

Height: 130.5 cm

Free height under furniture: 14.5 cm

Mattress length: 200 cm

Mattress width: 90 cm

Distance between beds: 84 cm

Max. thickness, mattress: 11 cm

  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    TUFFINGArticle Number002.392.33
    This product has multiple packages.

    Width: 56 cm

    Height: 5 cm

    Length: 208 cm

    Weight: 25.18 kg

    Package(s): 1

    Width: 31 cm

    Height: 5 cm

    Length: 97 cm

    Weight: 13.04 kg

    Package(s): 1

    Width: 32 cm

    Height: 5 cm

    Length: 97 cm

    Weight: 6.00 kg

    Package(s): 1


Very difficult to buildVerified BuyerPoor instructions and very difficult to get the posts in and out of webbing. Took 4 days to complete with help from a YouTube video and nearly a divorce. Once up they are very good but because 200cm long they are too big for a standard mattress so it was £150 for mattresses to fit. Bought as not too highfor grandchildren and they are quite low so that was good2
Good bunk bed. Great heightVerified BuyerGood bunk bed. Great height as wanted somehing not so high. Sturdy so far and was not too complicated to build5
PerfectMartinacowling79It’s a bit difficult to work out putting it together but once done it’s a lovely bed5
Tuffing was TUFF to build!Alison81This bed took a whole day to construct. The netting was very fiddly. The bases needed at least a 12 ft space to thread the bars into. After a very long day , it was finished. It's very sturdy, and low enough to make the top bunk with ease. My young sons love it. Make sure you buy the right sized mattresses and not standard singles as they'll be too short.4
Bunk bedsLaurenmac37I am really pleased with this set of bunk beds especially for the price. Assembly wasn’t too bad, but not the easiest Ikea build I’ve done. The worst to be honest was the mattress bases, fiddley! Is definitely a 2 person build for ease. My partner was working so my 5 year old son helped in places. Very sturdy, kids love them, great buy and they do the job!4
Best bed I"ve boughtChristine301Easy to put together, I did it myself with a little help from my 6 year old and a 1 year old on my hip. Took a couple of hours but it is so sturdy that I have to say it was worth the effort. Most solid bed I've bought, does not budge at all. Son absolutely loves it. We didn't put the bottom base in and he used it as an xbox den. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this.5
Bunk bedLeanneherronAbsolutely love this bunk bed Did find it a bit confusing with the instructions but got there in the end and they look amazing up. Give us so much more room. I love the height of these bunk beds aswell as they are not to high so can easy reach over to make the bed4
Nightmare To Assemble, without exaggeration.RussatsVery sturdy bunk bed, great quality. But....... absolute nightmare to assemble. Worst item from Ikea by far that I have ever had to assemble.1
Nice sturdy bunk bedKatiefromessexGiving this bunk 5 stars purely because its lovely and sturdy. Nice to look at and quite low for my 5 and 1 year old...but this bunk bed nearly ended my relationship! The stress of putting this together was atrocious, whoever's designed it to put the fabric on first was obviously not thinking because it makes the whole ordeal much much more difficult. It took me and my partner around 3 hours to complete with pure persistence. He was not going to be defeated by the bunk. It was so stressful. At one stage he sat on the floor surrounded by a half made bunk showing me other ikea bunk beds asking me why I didn't buy this one or that one instead. After alot of swearing and alot of blaming each other for why it werent going together we finally done it. It is worth it once its done. It's such a pretty bunk and my boys love it!5
Really good and sturdyLozzacolI scrolled through the reviews before purchasing and I almost didnt buy it because almost every review said it's difficult to assemble. I gave in in the end and prepared myself for a stressful day. I assembled this bed completely alone and I am no expert in flat packed furniture. The whole thing took me 2.5 hours from start to finish (with a mistake that took 40 mins to rectify) in my opinion this bed was extremely easy to assemble. I'm not sure if they've changed the design recently or I just had a knack for it. I felt compelled to write a review just to say that it was a breeze to assemble and dont be put off by all the other reviews. It's a solid, sturdy bed and a real space saver compared to other bunk beds. Definitely worth every penny!5
Hard to put togetherJaneytwosInstructions weren't clear and some of the holes didn't line up. The mesh material was a nightmare to get on.3
Wrong measurements listedCompass2020We bought this bed for our sons bedroom based on the measurements advertised for this product as the space is quite tight. Spent 3 hours trying to assemble the bed which was tricky in itself! The netting mesh was hard to put on and a number of the bolts were cross threaded. After all that we then found that the bed was actually larger than advertised and doesn’t fit! Have emailed Ikea to ask to return the product for a refund. Awaiting a reply2
The most difficult bed to assemblesophiex23This is the most difficult bed to assemble I’ve ever purchased!! We are 6 hours in and the frame is still not together!!! The instructions are poor. We wanted to order a different bunk bed went to order it said it wasn’t available for delivery so went for this one, what a massive mistake?! Now the original bed is available again however you cannot get thru to ikea to speak to them!!!! If you want the most stressful day then order this bed. You may need a stiff drink afterwards!!!!! Would like ikea to get in contact with me!1
Great bunk bedNichola BBunk bed is brilliant for my two young boys. Not too high either. However assembling it was a nightmare. Not the easiest thing to put up1
Hardest bed I"ve ever put upMbc 1This has to be the hardest bed I've ever put up, I'm currently on hour 3 and not even got the frame up the netting is such a bad design I've had to take several breaks from it to stop myself chucking the whole thing out the window and running it over with my car to make sure it is destroyed for ever. So yer if you want an really long stressful day then buy this bed.1
A NIGHTMARE to build!rosemc81Both my husband and I are competent at DIY and home maintenance, but it took us 5 hours of hard labour to build this bed! It was an absolute nightmare!! Anyone who may not feel comfortable attempting a project like this, or even someone building it on their own would struggle! It does look good, and our child is really happy with it, but to be honest if we had known it would have been such hard labour and nearly potentially ending in divorce, we wouldn’t have bothered buying it!2
Worst self assembly everBilko82It was a nightmare to put together ,taking 6 hours. The main problem is once the netting is on it makes it very difficult to attach the bolts for the mattress bases. Once up however they are really good.3
Brilliant Bunk BedssdfgThe bunks are perfect for visiting Grandchildren and low enough to make them easily.5
Very smart bedVictoriaAddisonVery smart bed and lovely for my 5 year old and 2 year old... but... it took almost 4 hours to put up and fiddly to assemble. The price is brilliant.5
Great bunkbedDebs38Although a little tricky to guide the poles through the material, quite easy to assemble. It took 2 of us 3 hours. The kids love it.4
TUFFING Bunk bed frame, dark grey, 90x200 cm

The practical magic of bunk beds

Bunk beds can seem magical to kids. From being one of the smallest in the family, you're elevated to where you can see everything completely differently. Sitting up high, you might even be able to peer down at your parents or siblings. It's hard not to feel like you're in a nest, or a ship, or the tower of a castle.

Of course from a parent's point of view you're probably thinking about fitting two siblings in a room, or perhaps an extra bed so friends can sleep over. In either case, bunk beds are a clever way to make the most of children's sleeping spaces. With the new TUFFING bunk bed and loft bed, designed to be affordable and fit in smaller spaces, both parents and kids get a practical and slightly magical piece of furniture.

Kids don't think about safety so we do

Let's face it, when kids are in the middle of an activity the last thing they're probably thinking is 'is this safe?'. Because of this our children's beds undergo some of the most rigorous testing it's possible to do on furniture. There are strict industry safety standards to start off with, but for the TUFFING design team this was just the beginning. TUFFING product development engineer Olaf Szukalowicz explains the journey. "First of all we looked at global data covering all types of accidents that have involved bunk beds. Then we worked with the design and especially all the gaps and openings to stop these from happening again."

Next the team had to make sure the bunk beds could hold up to everything they could throw at them. "After that we tested the durablity to make sure all the parts are really tough. We do that with two weeks of vigorous strength testing where the structure is pushed and stretched to constant extreme forces," Olaf says. Or, for the more science minded, the beds are shaken at 300 newton for over 10,000 cycles to test for any weaknesses. Afterwards came a slightly more unorthodox (but very practical) test. "I also climbed on top of the bed and jumped on it without the mattress. I'm 75 kg so I was happy that it held up fine for me!"

A vital place for kids to rest and recharge

Of course no test for a child's bed is complete without looking at the product from a child's perspective. Throughout the design process the team worked with research from child and adolescent psychotherapist Dr Barbie Clarke. Dr Clarke explains the role of the bed in children's rooms. "The bed is something that children can say, 'this is mine, my space'. Even if they are sharing a lot of other things, the bed is often a private area that helps them work out who they are, rest and recharge. When we do global research the children we interview will often say that their bed is the favourite part of their home."

Building on the research, the next stage naturally enough was to ask kids for their feedback. Deputy Range Manager Nina Hughes at Children's IKEA explains: "We're lucky enough to have an international school here, so we were able to bring in groups of kids from different parts of the world. Then we'd ask them things like, 'How does it feel to climb the ladder?' 'How do you feel about the height?' or 'Do the guard rails help you feel safe?'" With the kids' feedback (keep the orange bedposts and make the guard rails higher on the loft bed) and tick of approval, the design process was complete. The best part might be that even if TUFFING is soon reimagined into a castle or a nest, it'll be a safe one.

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What is steel?

Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.

Lowest price

Don’t let the price fool you

TUFFING bunk bed has passed the same strict safety tests as all our other bunk beds. We just used other materials, made it lower and replaced the guard rail with the ladder. All to make it exactly as safe to sleep in – just a little cheaper.