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Value, not Waste

Thinking in circles
At IKEA, we always look for ways to make more from less. But to help our customers create a better life at home, in a world where resources are scarce, we have to up our game. We need to rethink everything from the materials we use, to how we power our stores, and how we can make our products live longer in a cycle of repair, reuse, and recycling.
Throughout our value chain, we aim to use renewable and recycled resources as efficiently as possible, to make sure that we create value rather than waste. And when you bring the products home, we want to help you make them live longer, or give them a new life when you no longer need them.

Various chairs in a warehouse space, representing IKEA Canada's "Sell-Back" program.
Various chairs in a warehouse space, representing IKEA Canada's

Old materials, new kitchen
Call us cheap, but we don’t like throwing things away. We see waste for what it really is – a resource – and always look for ways to use
more recycled materials in our products. That’s why we created the KUNGSBACKA kitchen front. Not only does it have a sleek design and an anti-fingerprint surface, it’s also our first kitchen front made entirely from 100% recycled FSC(R) certified wood and PET-bottles.
Every year, about 100 billion PET water bottles are used worldwide and 30% are recycled. By giving them a new life as foil for our kitchen fronts, we show that recycling is not only the right thing to do, it also results in beautiful new products

Doing things right from the start
To make the world a more sustainable place we have to begin somewhere. By planning for our products’ next life at the design stage, we get a head start. To make more from less, we also use materials that are renewable and recycled and from more sustainable sources. Our products must last as long as they are needed and be easy to care for, repair, reuse, reassemble, and recycle. The better we do this, the better for our customers and our planet.

No ordinary box. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

To us, the practical storage box KUGGIS, made from recycled PET plastic bottles, is one of those gems. Flexible, good looking and recyclable, it will be your best friend for storage – over and over again.

Did you know? By August 2020, 100% of material in our plastic products will be renewable and/or recycled, representing around 40% of our total plastic use.

Towards zero waste
When we talk about waste, we don’t just mean resources, we mean energy too. At IKEA we will strive towards 100% renewable energy throughout our value chain by 2030. This means consuming only energy from renewable sources, such as the wind and sun.

IKEA of Sweden is also working through the whole supply chain with suppliers and partners to produce and distribute our products in the most efficient way. This includes minimizing waste in our value chain, and turning it into a resource by using it to make new products.

Did you know? By 2020, 90% of the wastefrom our own operations will be recycled or energy recovered.80% of the waste from our stores and distribution centers will be material recycled.

Give things another chance
At IKEA we want our customers to love and care for our products as long as possible – and even if they don’t, we do. Across our network of stores we try smarter and more planet-friendly ways to prolong the life of our products. In Belgium for example, we offer our customers five options to give furniture a second life: selling old IKEA-furniture in the store, renewing it by repainting or reassembling, repairing by offering replacement parts, returning old furniture through our transport service and donating to social organizations.

On a global basis we offer all customers replacement parts, and most markets have mattress takeback initiatives where you can return your old mattress when buying a new one. Seize the opportunity to breathe new life into your old furniture or give it a new life in our care.

IKEA FAMILY Sell-Back Program
At IKEA, we believe the value of an IKEA product is a beautiful thing not to be wasted. We know that sometimes you need to part with a piece of furniture because it no longer suits your needs, and we want to give those products another life. IKEA Canada's "Sell-Back" program is a smarter way to look at the value of your unwanted furnishings. When it’s time to say goodbye to the things that are outdated, unwanted or cluttering your home, we’ll buy them back from you in the form of an IKEA in-store credit. It really is that simple and easy!

We’ll do our best to give another life to the items we buy back, so that you benefit, the community benefits, and so does the planet. Together, we're making a more beautiful world.