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World Refugee Day 2021

Statistically, refugees bring significant value to the communities they join. But often, what we see in the media tells a different story. That’s why for World Refugee Day 2021, IKEA’s ambition is to break down biases around refugees — and help change the narrative, together with you.

The way we see each other matters. On World Refugee Day, IKEA chooses to see the potential in all of us.

    Is what you think about refugees fact — or fiction? IKEA and GapMinder teamed up to help you find out. We created a small quiz to teach you about refugees. That way, you can focus on the facts — and help us change that narrative.

    Try out the quiz below.

    Refugee Skills for Employment Initiative

    IKEA Canada has partnered with ACCES Employment in our Refugee Skills for Employment initiative, who rolled out an IKEA Canada Customer Experience Training program starting in December 2020. The five-day program is specifically designed for refugees who are looking for training and employment opportunities with IKEA across Canada. With an English or French as a Second Language component, this course is designed for individuals who have lived-refugee experience who are interested in work placements, mentorship opportunities and learning about customer experience at IKEA. It is also an opportunity to connect with IKEA hiring managers, opening the door to a new career.

    Meet Maria

    Refugee Skills for Employment participant
    Work placement in Vaughan store

    “I admire IKEA for their approach to inclusion—they provide opportunities to people no matter their age, gender, or race. The whole ACCES-IKEA program is very good and helped me to better understand Canadian culture. My advice to other refugees and newcomers is to not lose hope over your career in Canada. Stay positive and try to meet new people.”

    Meet Azza

    Refugee Skills for Employment participant
    Work placement in Edmonton store

    “ACCES employment gave me the chance to develop myself and obtain good knowledge about working in Canada and the available job opportunities. I love my current job and I appreciate IKEA Canada’s professionalism and their warm welcome. They are a great organization with teamwork, professional development opportunities, and chances for career advancement.”

    Meet Akildas

    IKEA Mentor for Refugee Skills for Employment program
    Country Business Navigation Manager, IKEA Canada

    “Everyone needs support no matter what their life situation. It is especially difficult when you move to another country and try to find your way. You have to learn a new culture, societal norms and adapt to a new way of living. The Refugee Skills for Education Mentor program provides a bridge for newcomers to the country to a better future. I am happy to be part of their journey. We have all benefitted from the generosity of others and if you have the chance to pay it forward then you should!”

    For refugees in Canada interested in participating in an IKEA Canada Customer Experience Training program, visit the ACCES Employment website at